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The son of Playboy founder Hugh marries the "Harry Potter" star

Cooper Hefner, son of the late founder of "Playboy" Hugh Hefner, gave his girlfriend the honor word. On Instagram, he also made his newly-married wife an emotional love statement.

Series of photos with 27 images

The actress Scarlett Byrne and Cooper Hefner got married. The two gave themselves the official javascript in California. The photos of the couple on various red carpets are shown in the video above in this text.

The 28-year-old son of the late founder of "Playboy" Hugh Hefner has posted several photos of himself and his bride on Instagram. One of them shows the two at the California registry. Wearing a casual dress, she wears a white two-piece dress with a lace top. In addition, Hefner has published numerous couple photos, which depict the two in various situations.

"In a life full of love, happiness, adventure and great goals"

Hefner wrote: "Scarlett and I officially did it and we both couldn't be happier." Moreover, the entrepreneur said: "To a life of love, happiness, adventure and great goals, Mrs. Hefner". And he added: "I love you so much, and I really don't see the time to organize our wedding party in the coming months. I love you, Scarlett."

Scarlett Byrne is known for her role as Pansy Parkinson in some "Harry Potter" films. The actress also shared a wedding photo on Instagram: "Cooper and I are excited to announce that we are officially married, we are looking forward to planning our wedding in the coming months, so we will be with our Continue to celebrate with friends and family ".

He wrote to her husband: "I love you, Cooper, I'm proud to be by your side, your partner, your girlfriend and your wife, I can't wait to build our lives together."