This is California 2

This is California

It was 3-4 years ago when I fell in love with surfing, the infinity of the ocean, the waves, this passion for happiness deep inside the solar power, you feel like riding a wave … This year, one of my dreams and new love came true. It's California …
I felt like we were beginning our journey at the time when I saw several words on the hostel wall that read "I found love with Kal."
One said you see the world the same way you see it. What I saw was the diverse form, the landscape, the colors, the sounds, the smells and the flavors …
All of these were reflected in this video created for our motorcycle road trip and my friends – travelers, surfers, cyclists and spontaneous actors.
Special thanks to Oleg Sharpaty, Nastia Zhukovskaya, Wil Sakowski, Aygul and Serge. You made this video possible :]

Description and editor: Dmitry Grishin
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Once, 3-4 years ago, I fell in love with surfing, this endlessly unstable ocean, the waves, the passion for this joy in solar plexus as you ride the waves … This year, another dream and a new love came true … California … in the beginning when I read "I found love with Kali" folded in magnets on the hostel wall. They say you see the world as you perceive it. What I saw was this complex form, the landscape, the colors, the shades, the flavors and the styles that got me to the heart. These impressions were reflected in a new video about the mototrip – with incredible people – cyclists, surfers, travelers and those who made this trip possible.
Special thanks to Oleg Sharpath, Nastya Zhukovsky, Wil Sakovsky and my inadvertent actors Aigul and Serega.