Trump's farewell to climate protection: the United States is leaving and the world is angry 2

Trump's farewell to climate protection: the United States is leaving and the world is angry

Already two years ago, US President Trump announced that he would withdraw his country from the Paris agreement on climate change. Now, the formal retreat has begun and has again triggered a huge echo: the push is clear.

The fact that the United States is actually withdrawing the protection of the Parisian climate seriously triggers fierce international criticism, as it did when it was announced two years ago. The federal government has spoken of a "step backwards" for climate protection. In light of the long-announced step, however, we also note positively that the feared domino effect has remained and that several US states continue to do much for climate protection. The criticisms of the US government have also come from the EU, China and Russia.

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<p class=US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had announced that his country had formally withdrawn from the Paris agreement on climate change.

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The government of US President Donald Trump announced the departure from the Paris agreement on climate change already in the summer of 2017 and the exit process officially launched on Monday, The United States is the main emitter of CO2 after China, accounting for 14 percent of global CO2 emissions.

The Federal Minister of Environment Svenja Schulze said that the US exit was fortunately "an effort on its own". The rest of the world is together for climate protection. The SPD politician pointed out that below the national-state level there is "an uninterrupted dynamic for climate protection and associated opportunities for new jobs and a more modern infrastructure" in the United States. German development minister Gerd Müller spoke of "a step backwards for international climate protection". "Especially the industrialized countries, which contribute mainly to climate change, have a special responsibility", warned the man of the CSU.

Ten states still present

In a "We are still inside"Coalition called" We have joined forces with 10 US states and 287 cities and countries that continue to pursue the goals of the agreement, regardless of the US federal government, including the most populous state in California, the ; EU The Commission has announced that it will continue to work with these communities and states to comply with the goals set out in the agreement.

China also regretted the US decision. "We hope that the United States can take on more responsibility and contribute more to the multilateral cooperation process, rather than contribute with negative energy," said the State Department spokesman in Beijing. Climate change is "a common challenge for all humanity". Russia has warned that the US withdrawal seriously undermines the Paris agreement. French President Emmanuel Macron regretted a state visit to China of official US resignations.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the United States has also expressed its outrage at the Washington exit from the Paris climate agreement. He sent the wrong signal to other nations, if the world's largest economy does not take this problem seriously, WWF-US president Carter Roberts said on Tuesday.

60 percent of Republicans believe in climate change caused by man

Even the American democratic opposition has condemned the transfer of the government to Washington. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said the decision endangers the "future of the planet and our children". Former Vice President Al Gore also condemned the resignation of the United States, but pointed out that a new president could rejoin the agreement within 30 days.

According to an October Washington Post poll, Trump is losing ground in his own ranks for his climate change policy. According to the survey, 60 percent of Republicans agree with the scientific consensus on the existence of climate change caused by man.

The Paris climate agreement came into force exactly three years ago and aims to limit global warming to well below two degrees compared to pre-industrial times. States Parties should make an effort to stop them at 1.5 degrees. The decisive parts of the agreement are binding under international law. However, there are no penalties for non-compliance. 195 states are part of the agreement.