Nasal rinsing with the nasal douche: here's how it works 2

Nasal rinsing with the nasal douche: here's how it works

A nasal rinse is supposed to relieve the choking of the nose caused by allergies and colds. But how often does it make sense – and how does the application work? Eight questions, eight answers.

People with allergies or colds are well aware of this: breathing is difficult, the head feels as if it is breaking, and it contracts under the skin of the face. Even the ears are closed with a lot of colds and the sense of taste is gone. This is mainly due to excessive mucus production and inflammation of the nasal passages or sinuses due to allergies or influenza infections. The mucus is intended to remove pathogens or allergic substances, the balance of moisture is disrupted and the nose is clogged.

The nasal douche can relieve congestion in the nasal passages and sinuses. Here's how to properly use the air conditioner, what it does and what nasal rinses are available.

1. How does a nasal shower work?

During nasal rinsing, the nasal cavity is rinsed with saline. In this case, a device called a nasal douche is used. It guarantees that the saline solution can be rinsed through the nose with the necessary pressure.


1. Hold the accessory directly into the nostril. It is best to lean over a sink during the whole process.

2. If you remove your finger from the so-called lid valve, water may drip into your nose.

3. Keep your head tilted to one side and leave the lukewarm liquid in your nostril.

4. Above the second nostril, the fluid is flowing again. Then rinse the second nostril in the same way. You will notice that in addition to the saline solution, the nasal secretion is depleted and that the nose and sinuses are less dense.

5. Inhale and exit through the mouth. Always keep your mouth open. Light snooping after the process is allowed.

2. What is the benefit of nasal rinse?

A nasal rinse cleans the nasal cavity. The germs of the disease are eliminated and thus prevent colds. If you already have a cold, the salt shower reduces the swelling of the mucous membranes.

After a respiratory illness, the method finally helps the healing process. In the long run, the nasal rinse should also relieve chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses and complaints of hay fever and allergy to house dust.

3. Why does salt enter the air conditioner?

The pure water of the tap would swell the mucous membranes. For this reason, the water should have a salt content of 0.9 percent. This corresponds to the salinity in the human body, as it is present in tears.

Usually, in the trade, you have to buy packages containing the right amount of salt. Too much or too little salt in the solution can irritate or dry the nasal mucous membranes.

4. How many times can be rinsed?

If you rinse too often and for no reason related to the disease or allergy, it may weaken the natural immune protection of the nose. So advise the German Lung Foundation e. V. only for acute problems and no more than a week to rinse. A preventive nasal douche is counterproductive and more likely to promote a more common disease.

In case of chronic illnesses or constant sneezing due to an explosion of pollen, regular use is helpful to alleviate symptoms. An agreement with the doctor is recommended.

5. Can I rinse myself without a nasal shower?

Nasal rinsing can be made particularly comfortable with a nasal douche. Different types of pitchers, pots and buckets are available on the market. If you do not have any of these devices at hand, you can also suck the liquid from your hand into a sectional cut in your nose. However, this seems rather cumbersome compared to the simple application with the nasal douche.

6. What nasal showers are available and where can I buy them?

The product is available online, in pharmacies, but also in the usual pharmacies for a price between five and twenty euros. It is the cheapest in pharmacies. The nasal rinse salt is not expensive either. 50 bags cost on average between five and ten euros.

Emser is a well-known and well-rated brand. More than 30 minerals are added to the salt and the slightly alkaline saline solution has an anti-inflammatory effect. But other brands such as IQ-med, Emsan or Sensecare are also well-rated.

Nasal rinsing with the nasal douche: here's how it works 3
  • Medical product for intensive cleaning of the nose in children from 3 years old.
  • Proven for colds and pollen allergy
  • The Emcur children's shower can be used up to three times a day.
  • In the design of the funny fish


Nasal rinsing with the nasal douche: here's how it works 4
Nasal rinsing with the nasal douche: here's how it works 5
  • For the symptomatic treatment of respiratory diseases
  • Quick help against allergies and hay fever
  • No preservatives or chemical additives
  • 250 ml bottle goes with Emser dosing bags
  • Included in delivery: Emser nasal douche + 4 sachets of Emser Nasungpülsalz 2.5 grams


Nasal rinsing with the nasal douche: here's how it works 4
Nasal rinsing with the nasal douche: here's how it works 7
  • 33 sachets of iQ-med nasal rinse salt
  • 500 ml capacity of nose rinses
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • four exchangeable attachments: two conical for adults and two rounded for children
  • Valve button system: The water flows only when the button is pressed.


Nasal rinsing with the nasal douche: here's how it works 4

7. Nasal rinsing in the baby: is it reasonable?

When babies have a stuffy nose due to a cold, they need help. Since they can not wash their noses, a nasal rinse can rid their nasal cavity of mucus. Instead of using a nasal douche, the saline solution is added to the nose via a pipette at the appropriate concentration. Dissolved mucus can leak through the pharynx or nostrils.

8. Nasal douche in children: here is how it works more easily

The use of the nasal shower is recommended from three years old. Younger children in particular may find the nasal douche suspicious. This is also a good way to ease breathing even when the children's nose is clogged. Show the application to your children once for them, so that they recognize that it's easy and pain-free and that they even help and mimic the use with it. # 39; s help.

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