News today: Robert Habeck wants Hartz IV to be "flipped" 2

News today: Robert Habeck wants Hartz IV to be "flipped"

The most important news at a glance:

  • The Grand Coalition wants to continue (6:54)
  • Trump and Johnson talk about a trade agreement (6:13)
  • Iran announces a partial withdrawal from the nuclear agreement (4.05)

Today's news in the starticker:

+++ 10.16 clock: Höcke offers CDUs and FDPs that tolerate a minority government +++

The leader of the Thuringian party and faction AFD Björn Höcke offered CDU and FDP to support a minority government. In a letter to state president Mike Mohring (CDU) and Thomas Kemmerich (FDP), Höcke encourages "talking together about new forms of cooperation". "An expert government jointly sponsored by our parties or a minority government supported by my party would be a plausible alternative to" keeping it "under the red-red-green", says the letter signed by Höcke, which is available for German press agency. Previously, the MDR had talked about it.

Höcke writes that a "coalition of bourgeois parties" would be possible. "However, I must admit that the basic conditions for such a coalition are not yet present." At the Thuringian CDU the last 17 officials had caused a sensation because they had held talks with all parties, including AfD and Left Party.

+++ 10.09 clock: 17 dead in raids on border posts in Tajikistan +++

In an attack by armed assailants against a border post in central Asia's Tajikistan, 17 people were killed. The dead were 15 attackers, a soldier and a policeman, the authorities said. Tajik Border Police have stated that the attack was perpetrated by fighters from the Islamic State (IS) jihad militia from Afghanistan. According to the Ministry of the Interior, a group of about 20 masked people attacked the post on the border with Uzbekistan, about 50 kilometers from the capital Dushanbe, in the early morning hours. According to the Ministry of the Interior, four attackers were arrested and the Border Guard spoke of five arrested attackers. Wednesday, the country of Central Asia with its approximately nine million inhabitants commits the so-called Constitution Day.

Tajikistan is located on the border with Afghanistan and is the poorest of the former Soviet republics. The conflicting country has been ruled authoritarian by the head of state Rachmon since 1992. Between 1992 and 1997, over 100,000 people were killed in a civil war between communist leaders and Muslim fundamentalists.

+++ 10.08 clock: 17-year moves due to non-admission to the European elections before the Constitutional Court +++

Since he was not allowed to vote in the European elections, a 17-year-old follower of the Pirate Party wants to appear before the Federal Constitutional Court. The Bundestag has informed 30 young complainants that young people aged 16 and 17 should not vote in Germany for the European elections, the Pirate Party said in Berlin. Among them was Lukas Küffner, a native of Nuremberg, who wanted to complain to others in Karlsruhe.

The Bundestag's reasoning therefore stated that it could be left pending if the required maturity for "individual persons" was less than 18 years. The pirates pointed out that in Malta and Austria the sixteen-year-olds were already authorized to take part in the last elections and that the European Parliament also had the right to vote from the age of 16.

+++ 9.48 clock: Beijing politician in Hong Kong wounded in a knife attack +++

On Wednesday in Hong Kong, a very careful politician was injured in a knife attack. The incident occurred during an electoral appearance of MP Junius Ho in his constituency in Tuen Mun, a suburb of Hong Kong. As seen in the video images, a man with a bunch of flowers approached Ho, handed him the flowers and asked for a picture. Then he took a knife from his pocket and stabbed Ho in the chest. According to the police, three people were injured in the accident, including the attacker, who was overwhelmed by Hos employees. The police reported that the politician suffered a puncture wound in the upper part of the left body and that the attacker was arrested. Last Sunday, a man with a knife in Hong Kong attacked protesters in favor of democracy. Among the victims there was also a local politician, the attacker was bitten a part of the ear.

Video: many dead in attack on the military base in Mali

+++ 9.45: Prison and fine for killing the pregnant cat in the dryer +++

Because he killed a pregnant cat in a dryer, a Malay was sentenced to 34 months in prison. The 42-year-old also has to pay a fine of the equivalent of just under 9000 euros, as reported by the state news agency Bernama. The verdict should be "a lesson for the perpetrator and the public, who do not treat animals cruelly," Judge Rasyihah Ghazali said accordingly. The cat's maltreatment in September 2018 had caused a protest among animal rights activists. A video of a surveillance camera showed that the cat was put in a dryer late at night in a coin-operated laundry in Kuala Lumpur. Two men then threw the tokens into the car, turned them on and ran away. The prison sentence against the 42-year-old has been suspended for the moment, because he wants to appeal.

+++ 8.55 Clock: police against hatred in the network +++

The police took action against postal hate on the Internet. As announced by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), there were a total of 21 measures such as searches for apartments and interrogators in nine federal states. As a result Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland and Saxony were affected. No further information was provided.

+++ 6:54: the grand coalition draws a positive mid-term review and wants to continue +++

The Grand Coalition has drafted a positive mid-term review of its work and wants to continue to govern. The government, along with the CDU / CSU and SPD factions, has "achieved and implemented a lot – but there is still much to be done", the German publishing network and radio newspapers quoted by the mid-term review, which will be discussed in the cabinet this morning. While employers have criticized the government's previous work, the unions have praised.

+++ 6.41 clock: Government: 15 dead in a separatist attack on the village in southern Thailand +++

In southern Thailand, separatists claimed to have attacked a village and killed at least 15 people. The attackers had attacked security forces and residents of the village in Yala province, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry said. The perpetrators belonged to those groups "which disturb peace in the three provinces of the southern border" – such words usually describe Muslim insurgents in the south of the country.

+++ 6.13 clock: Trump and Johnson talk about a trade agreement after Brexit +++

US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke in a telephone conversation about the trade relations of both countries after the imminent Brexit. Both sides reiterated their intention to follow Britain's exit from the EU with a "solid" bilateral trade agreement, the White House said in Washington. As long as the UK is still a member of the European Union, it cannot conclude such an agreement.

+++ 5.46 clock: the Brazilian authority raises serious charges against dam operators +++

Serious accusations in relation to the serious failure of the dam in Brazil: the mining company Vale, according to a Brazilian government agency before the January disaster, has hidden problems in the building. If the Mineral Resources Agency (ANM) had been duly informed of the shortcomings, "it could have taken precautionary measures and urged the company to take immediate action that would have prevented the disaster," the ANM said. After the dam burst in a Vale mine in Brumadinho at the end of January, a huge landslide spilled into the area. More than 270 people have died or have since disappeared. The failure of the Brumadinho dam was one of the worst incidents in Brazilian history.

+++ 5.34 clock: green to defuse Hartz IV +++ sanctions

After the mitigation of the sanctions of Hartz IV, the leader of the parliamentary group of the Greens in the Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, also asks for the repeal for children under 25 years. "Although yesterday's judgment concerned only 25-year-olds, it is clear to everyone that respect and human dignity must also apply to relations with young people," said the Green Party politician of the German news agency. The state should not precipitate these people into existence. "The Union and the SPD should not wait until they are again required by a court to act and respect fundamental social rights."

On Tuesday, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that reductions in benefits for months for Hartz IV beneficiaries who do not fulfill their obligations are partially unconstitutional and must be mitigated. However, there has been no review of the particularly severe penalties for young recipients of Hartz IV under the age of 25.

+++ 4.19 clock: left in the Bundestag call new "unemployment benefit Plus" +++

The Left in the Bundestag calls for global improvements for the unemployed with a new "Unemployment Benefit Plus". The new indemnity will come after receiving the unemployment benefit, as emerges from a request from the left, which is the German news agency in Berlin. "In this way we create social security and we get our teeth into the Hartz IV disciplinary tool," said group vice-president Susanne Ferschl dpa.

+++ 4.05 clock: Iran announces a further partial exit from the atomic agreements +++

Iran is planning a further partial exit from the international nuclear agreement, which should prevent the development of nuclear weapons in the Islamic Republic. President Hassan Ruhani has announced that his country will inject uranium gas in 1044 centrifuges previously inactive from Wednesday onwards at the Fordo nuclear plant. After the agreement on the Vienna atomic energy of 2015, the Fordo structure had to be used only for scientific projects: the centrifuges there could be tested only without gas injection.

+++ 4.04 clock: fifth arrest due to Bergisch Gladbach abuse +++

In the Bergisch Gladbach abuse c & # 39 was a fifth stop. The police and prosecutors want to announce the details during the day. On Tuesday evening they reported that a 38-year-old had been arrested in Krefeld for suspected sexual abuse.

A police spokesman said that at the end of October a connection was made to the arrests after a search of apartments in Bergisch Gladbach. He did not mention any further details. The search for the 38-year-old apartment continued into the evening.

+++ 1.53 clock: "Picture": Seehofer expects further border checks against asylum abuse +++

In the debate on the return and asylum request of the head of the previously deported clan Ibrahim Miri, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) plans a newspaper report according to a more severe repression of illegal entry and abusive asylum applications . "Miri's case is a litmus test for defensive democracy – if the rule of law does not prevail, the population loses confidence in our entire asylum system," Seehofer told the Good king News newspaper.

The police are nationwide since Wednesday at more checks on external and internal border employees, the "Good king News" reported, quoting a Seehofers plan. The objective is the detection of people who want to enter the Federal Republic despite the entry ban. "The federal police should carry out flexible checks on all German borders," said Seehofer.

+++ 1.13 clock: Habeck: Hartz IV must be made "from head to toe" +++

After the ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court on the sanctions of Hartz IV, Green Party president Robert Habeck calls for a fundamental reform. "I think it's okay to turn the system upside down now," he told the media group Funke. "We should introduce a guarantee based on incentives, encouragement and individual support". If you want to continue your studies or qualify, you should receive "performance bonuses".

Furthermore, the Zuverdienstregeln should have been changed, said Habeck. Until now, the beneficiaries of Hartz IV are allowed to maintain a maximum of 20 percent of their salaries, for example with a mini-job exceeding a tax allowance of 100 euros, without this being credited on social benefits. "While in Germany the best incomes have to pay taxes for no more than 45 percent of their income, the people who earn the minimum amount must grant 80 percent or more of their hard-earned income," criticized Habeck.

+++ 1.05 clock: the British parliament was dissolved before the new elections – the campaign starts +++

Under the bell tower of Big Ben, the lights went out on Wednesday night for a full five weeks. The British lower house was disbanded shortly after midnight local time. On 12 December the British will elect a new parliament. Delegates will meet again for the first time on December 16th.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to resolve the stalemate in the Brexit dispute. If he succeeds he is not sure. Although his conservatives are at the head of the polls, it is not excluded that neither major party will be sufficient for an absolute majority.

+++ 0.10 clock: Kühnert wants to vote on the sanctions of Hartz IV +++

The managing director of Juso Kevin Kühnert wants to vote at the conference of the SPD party in December for the abolition of all the sanctions of Hartz IV. "In the future Jusos will demand that in the future the SPD renounces all sanctions and instead promotion, encouragement and right to qualifications and training in the center," said Kühnert "Rheinische Post".