Youtube: the twenty-two British wants to become an appetizer by eating junk food 2

Youtube: the twenty-two British wants to become an appetizer by eating junk food

We have known it from Asia for a long time, the tendency to eat alone in front of the camera and to publish the video. He calls himself "Mok-Bang" in South Korea, a mix mokda, eat and bangson, send. In English, the term became Mukbang. Some time ago, the enthusiasm for these types of films has spread to Europe. While classic cooking programs are tips and tricks or innovative recipe ideas, the protagonists of food focus on the camera and show how they consume large portions. In South Korea, they also broadcast live. Some vloggers tell something about their dishes, others talk about other things – and surprisingly many people like to be entertained. The Korean Stephanie Soo, for example, follows 1.4 million subscribers on their Youtube channel "Food Is My Jam".

The British response is greased

Since a lot of money can be earned through advertising with a corresponding number of followers, a 22-year-old Englishman has considered the idea of ​​turning his hobby into a career. Charna Rowley was tired of her old job. What has a big appetite, however, are huge amounts of junk food. She doesn't cook alone, but takes her take-away food, unpack her rigid disposable plastic bags at home and tilt her food onto a large plate.

Charna sits on the bed in her room during filming, leans towards the camera and enjoys what she has put together. At the end of August 2018 he opened his Youtube channel "Charnation" with a McDonald's Mukbang, which he updated with the "best poultry I've ever eaten". A friend helps her eat food and fill up the conversation time. In 14 months, the video called just over 10,000 people, 32 commented. Not many, then.

Criticism and Hater are ignored

The last video of Charna doesn't even have 24 hours. It had to be a Burger King Mukbang, but Charna had to pay the bills unexpectedly and had no money for Burger King. A friend donated pizza and fries. While the few comments on their debut were still friendly, so far 64 commentators on the current Mukbang Charna consider the most critical behavior. If she is famous for Youtube, she is asked. He also needs comments on his current weight. "We have a lot of fun when we live a career digging in the grave through food", writes the YouTube user.

But Charna does not want to do lessons, she wants to become a Youtube star. So eat what the fans want it to be. Their most viewed Mukbang had clicked on about 52,000 people, had over 5,000 calories. But Charna can't live on her canal for a long time, because junk food is expensive. Almost 1,000 pounds, about 1150 euros, has already spent on his Mukbangs and they still don't finance big brands.

Charna viewers like their naturalness and their British accent: speak with a full mouth, slam the microphone and throw the food that crumbles on your lap. "My goal is to eat 10,000 calories, all I have to do is show that I can do it – it can happen that something gets stuck between my teeth or my mouth, but people love how funny I am," quotes "Unilad" the Vlogger, who a year ago gave up his full-time job for his career on Youtube. But since British humor is not enough to pay the bills, Charna now works again. Half a day, in a warehouse.

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