Appropriate frustration in appointments? Because the holidays for singles are back 2

Appropriate frustration in appointments? Because the holidays for singles are back

"We met online" – this phrase is heard more and more often today, which is listening to the circle of friends, from which the new partner is coming. "According to a survey by the online platform Parship of the year 2018, just under half of all singles in Germany search online After all, there are almost 14 million people: meeting people at parties seems increasingly unusual and rapid dating has been long considered a nerd event.

Dumplings eat or nude lessons

But this seems to change: according to a recent survey by the Eventbrite ticket provider, the individual parts are more in demand than ever. In the last four years, their number has quadrupled worldwide, according to the event provider. And in these meetings you don't just sit one in front of the other and change place when a bell rings. In big cities like London, for example, Dim Sum Dating together serves Asian dumplings.

But even in Hamburg or Berlin, singles can approach each other during a naked dance lesson or meet directly at the nudist meeting. "There is no limit to the imagination of the global boom in appointments: from Jenga Speed ​​Dating to life drawings and board games to single parties, pretty much everything is there," says Annett Polaszewski-Plath, administrator delegate of Eventbrite Germany.

Reality instead of online dating

One of the possible reasons for the boom is probably familiar to many: the frustration with online dating. In the Eventbrite survey of 1,000 individuals aged 18 to 45, 48 percent said they found online dating "frustrating"; Three out of four respondents prefer to meet their offline partner. This is also confirmed by Holger Lendt, a graduated psychologist and couple consultant: "One evening I can exchange more than two hundred people for utility and fall in love with images, but I neglect the fact that absolutely nothing happened". Digital tools had to build bridges for the real ones Contacts, but we often get lost in it ".

Whether you are the Swiper or the live dater, in the end you have to find out for yourself. If you take the evaluations of the participants at events like "Socialmatch", a single event in Hamburg, where under the guidance of a moderator you play a type of game in a bar, it is also "just great to meet new people".