"Do you remember, Mom?": Who is the new rap star Apache 207? 2

"Do you remember, Mom?": Who is the new rap star Apache 207?

His tour is sold out in a few minutes. He collaborates with great raps like Sido. And of course he loves his mother. But who is Volkan Yaman aka Apache 207? And what does a Nutella glass enter with the career of the graphic topper?

Long hair, hipster clothing, glittery shoes and videos with sophisticated dance moves: the appearance of Apache 207 does not necessarily remind us of successful Genrestar in recent years as RAF Camora or arrest warrant. But with the Italian record of the eighties and the blink of an eye or two, the 22-year-old of Turkish origin conquers the German rap storm panorama.

For the first time, Volkan Yaman, as Apache 207 is called bourgeois, is making a name in the spring of 2018. Without a big label in the back, he publishes the song "Little Whore". Other songs follow like "Ferrari Testarossa" or "Famoso". From 2019 he is under contract with Rap-Star Bausa.

The single "No Problem" reaches 17th place in the German charts in the spring of 2019. His first number one is "Roller" in August 2019. Also in Austria and Switzerland, the song rises to the top five. In October 2019 he climbs in this country with "Why do you do it?" again the throne of the ranking. In the same month his EP "plate" also appears. She was able to advance to fourth place in the rankings in Germany and Austria.

222,000 I like it for emotional post

With "2002" is now also a collaboration with fellow rap Sido, who also found himself in the rankings. This November, Apache, based in Ludwigshafen, accompanies 207 on tour as Bausa. The fact that he really doesn't need it anymore shows that his 2020 tour was sold out in 17 minutes. The hype around him is huge.

As an initial spark for his journey to fame, Apache sees a Nutella glass apparently dropped. "At a time when you had to borrow 3 euros from our neighbor, because your son wanted to eat Nutella. […] We were going home to Netto, I carried the glass proudly in my hand and dropped it" The glass is it's broken […] ", he explains in August on Instagram to a photo showing him next to a Mercedes Cabriolet. His mother was crying trying to get out the broken glass.

"At that very moment I swore I would have this great machine […] God is great, about you", he continues. It receives over 222,000 likes for the emotional story: how true it remains open. Volkan Yaman looks more like a hipster and not a classic rapper with his tennis socks and plaid shirt in his pants – but he arrived at the Olympus of rap.