Football - "Gift" until the end of the year - DFB Women in Wembley - Sport 2

Football – "Gift" until the end of the year – DFB Women in Wembley – Sport

London (dpa) – 90,000 people at the Sanctuary Sanctuary Wembley football stadium – during an international women's match! Before the prestigious duel with the Fourth World Cup of England, the DFB-Elf and the top level group of the German Football Federation are aware of the historical dimension of this moment.

"Few people can say that they were allowed to be part of a match at Wembley," said coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg before Saturday's "scoring match" at 6:30 pm (Eurosport ).

The impressive backdrop gives women's football a European record – just behind the world's best score of 90,185 visitors to Pasadena in the 1999 World Cup final in the United States. "I do not know either what it means to play in front of 90,000 viewers," Voss-Tecklenburg said during a video change during the week. "It's a gift to be able to play on such a level with such a backdrop, which is a gift for the development process of every player," said the 51-year-old anticipating player. .

Whether it be a national coach, an English legionnaire or footballer of the year, the protagonists of the DFB emphasize in different words the emotivity and the uniqueness of the event. Dzsenifer Marozsán spoke of a "great message for international women's football". Pauline Bremer of Manchester City described the still charming comparison between England and Germany and admitted:

That the new president of the federation, Fritz Cellar, declared friend and sponsor of women's football, also belongs to the German delegation, as Rainer Koch, vice-president of the DFB, or Joti Chatzialexiou, head of national sports teams, and Tobias Main, head of the DFB academy, and Georg Behlau, head of the national management teams. , emphasizes on the one hand the importance of the nomination, but also indicates: The DFB can still learn from the English association.

Because despite all the euphoria elicited by the "special conclusion" (Voss-Tecklenburg) of a year that is still superimposed on the public perception, despite the impeccable start of the qualification in the Championship of Europe for the disappointing quarter-final World Cup final, know that Keller & Co.: English conditions will not exist in Germany – not today and probably not in the future not more.

Women's football is currently experiencing an unexpected boom on the island. The World Cup successful in France with the semi-finals, the next EM 2021 in their own country, Phil Neville as a former leading coach on the bench and millions of investment in teams of clubs in London or Manchester have contributed to the rise of sport in England. In addition, ticket prices for a pound or a family-friendly launch time favor the prospect of a record crowd.

But holidays will soon be followed by daily life. And it still looks like most German players: the Bundesliga in front of a fraction of supporters, the internationals at 12 o'clock or a qualifying match for the European Championship in Thessaloniki in front of less than a hundred people in a ghostly stage and empty.

"I think in England, women's football has progressed tremendously," said Marozsán, 27, of the "Sport Good king News". "Let's take an example in Germany." Only how? The DFB plans to hold friendly matches in bigger arenas, including a missed Olympic participation in 2020. Shortly after taking office, Keller, president of the German Football Association (Bundesliga), asked the Bundesliga clubs to engage more in favor of women's football.

Countries such as Spain, where players are fighting over a collective bargaining agreement and a minimum wage, or Australia, where women and men are paid equally in the future, are considered leaders in equality. Although this will no longer happen in Germany in the future, for the historic moment of Saturday at Wembley, Voss-Tecklenburg not only hopes: "This will be an excellent advertisement for women's football."