Harry + Meghan: Will you give birth to your next baby in the United States? 2

Harry + Meghan: Will you give birth to your next baby in the United States?

Duchess Meghan, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, have made it clear in recent weeks that they are struggling with certain aspects of their lives as members of the royal family. Above all, the public's attention and the abuse of the press disturb the couple. It is said that Meghan and Harry made a bold plan.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

An insider claims to have told the US "OK! Magazine": "Meghan has already talked to her friends about her next baby, that she wanted to give birth in Los Angeles – where she was born and raised." The 38-year-old had felt "incredibly alone" and "sick" during her pregnancy with Archie Mountbatten-Windsor in the UK without her family. She did not want to do this anymore and wanted the baby to live near Granny Doria Ragland, 62, in her first three months of life.

Duchess Meghan betrays

Archie baby is six months old

The proud mother, Duchess Meghan, unveiled the new details of Baby Archie. The offspring of the couple are now six months old.

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Meghan is aware that the insider should have continued to tell the fact that a birth abroad would cause little love. But they take that for their own happiness by buying. Harry may be worried about what his family thinks of the US decision. But he does everything Meghan makes happy, so the insider.

Baby in the United States: Will Queen Elizabeth allow this?

Prince Harry, the Duchess Meghan with Archie baby

The so-called American plan of Harry + Meghan

Danger for Archie? The paparazzi are already thrilling the knives

In recent centuries, no major member of the British royal family has been born abroad. That changes with the number two baby of Harry and Meghan, the royal correspondent Arndt Striegler, who lives in London for more than 30 years, considers it almost impossible.

"Meghan and Harry desperately want a second child, but this one will be born in England, as dictated by the Windsor House tradition, and the Queen will immediately oppose a birth abroad." I doubt that Harry does it. decide the will of his beloved grandmother ".

Harry said in an interview with journalist Tom Bradby, 52, for the television documentary "Harry and Meghan: A Trip to Africa", that he did not believe "that there was a new way or ancient "in the monarchy. "We certainly do not try to show the way, we try to do what seems natural to us and to be authentic." How much does Queen Elizabeth give to the couple – wait to see.

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