Jürgen Klinsmann: "Hertha BSC is the most exciting football project in Europe" - Hertha: News and information on Hertha BSC 2

Jürgen Klinsmann: "Hertha BSC is the most exciting football project in Europe" – Hertha: News and information on Hertha BSC

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Klinsmann: "Hertha is the most exciting football project in Europe"

The investor Lars Windhorst increases his Hertha shares and places Jürgen Klinsmann on the Supervisory Board. What does this mean for the club?

Jürgen Klinsmann (center) in March 2019 with national coach Joachim Loew (left) and former DFB coach Berti Vogts in the Olympic stadium.

Jürgen Klinsmann (center) in March 2019 with national coach Joachim Loew (left) and former DFB coach Berti Vogts in the Olympic stadium.

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Berlin. A detailed look at Hertha BSC certainly can not hurt: Jürgen Klinsmann (55) will be present Saturday in the Olympic Stadium to watch the match of the club of the capital against RB Leipzig (15:30, Sky).

In the past, the former national coach has been regularly invited by Berliners, his relationship with the club is close. So tight that Klinsmann now has an official function. His appearance this weekend will be the first as a member of the supervisory board of Hertha KGaA.

"I am happy to be part of the most exciting football project in Europe," Klinsmann said in a press release, "also in a club with which I am emotionally connected".

Investor Windhorst pays an additional 100 million euros

The announcement of Klinsmann's involvement comes at a time when Hertha is not saving on spectacular news. Friday, investor Lars Windhorst gave the club an additional 99 million euros and thus acquired 12.4% of the shares. On 19 June, Windhorst had already acquired 37.5% of the capital for 125 million euros. Its total share of the shares is now 49.9% – but only at the KGaA, so the professional department, not the parent club.

At the same time, Windhorst acquires four of the nine seats on KGaA's supervisory board. Karl Kauermann is directed. One of the four places goes to Klinsmann, which Windhorst has known and enjoyed some time ago.

"The national and international experience of Jürgen Klinsmann will help to take the appropriate steps towards a more prosperous future with the management of Hertha," says the investor with confidence.

Unlike the e.V. Supervisory Board, which is elected by the members and whose appointment has no influence over Windhorst, the KGaA Supervisory Board is determined by the Executive Committee.

Hertha KGaA is the outsourced professional division

In fact, the KGaA Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising the work of KGaA. This is the outsourced professional division of Hertha BSC. In addition to the professional team, it also includes under-23s and under-19s. The KGaA currently has 288 employees.

The possibilities of action of the KGaA Supervisory Board are quite limited. Although it can make recommendations, the advisory board is crucial to have a say in management decisions, as well as for the appointment or dismissal of general managers. Previously, it was identical to the presidium, but after the entry of Windhorst, the advisory board has two additional seats.

It remains unclear what the occupation of these two places looks like. If any of them went to Klinsmann, he would have more decision-making power over this body than over his position on the supervisory board.

The expertise and the network are interesting for Berliners

In any case, the question is what objectives Hertha BSC pursues with Klinsmann's commitment. The former international actor is considered a confirmed expert, but has lived since the end of the last millennium in the United States.

In the German professional football, he was no longer active since his dismissal from FC Bayern in the spring of 2009. More recently, he was traded as a senior official of his original club, VfB Stuttgart, where he wanted Work full-time. The cooperation did not occur. Klinsmann refused before it became concrete between him and Stuttgart.

For Hertha, the expertise of Klinsmann, its network and its internationally recognized name are likely to be of interest. The commitment of the former director of the DFB, which has polarized like almost none of its predecessors, corresponds to Windhorst's idea of ​​turning Hertha into a dynamic club of the European capital. Or, as the investor says: a "big city club".

"I am convinced that, thanks to my experience and my network, I can contribute a lot to the success of this partnership," said Klinsmann.

The Swabian, national coach of the United States from 2011 to 2016, represents internationalization as a self-proclaimed cosmopolitan. His position at Hertha BSC should be widely contested from California. This is perfectly compatible with the task of being a member of the Supervisory Board, as the committee meets only rarely, unlike the Praesidium, which meets twice a month.

Director Preetz and Klinsmann are friends

Thus, behind the commitment of Klinsmann, there are probably some first strategic considerations. Both Managing Directors Ingo Schiller (Finance) and Michael Preetz (Sports) have repeatedly pointed out in the past that the KGaA's Supervisory Board would have no influence on day-to-day activities.

"I warmly welcome the appointment of Jürgen Klinsmann to the Supervisory Board," said Preetz, "because I've known him as someone who, like us, wants to move forward prospectively. "

The fear that the renowned radical innovator of his time at the German Football Association, Klinsmann, is also trying to break everything at Hertha, both have not. Preetz and Klinsmann have known each other for many years and are considered close friends.

The prospects that the Hertha training ground will be surrounded by Buddha figures by January at the latest, as was the case during Klinsmann's stay in Munich, are rather unrealistic.