MY BAND 4 VS. SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT (Comparison and honest test side by side) 2

MY BAND 4 VS. SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT (Comparison and honest test side by side)

The Mi Band 4 and the Galaxy Fit are two of the latest smart tracker smart watches on the market. Both were released in mid-2019 and both have incredible features for their prices.
The Galaxy setting costs $ 99 if you buy it here:

And the Mi Band 4 costs only $ 40 (!!!!) if you buy it here:

So which one is better? Below are some additional review notes to summarize the main feature differences for you. For more information on any of these devices, check out my individual videos that review my band 4 (last week) and the galaxy setting (last month)

Galaxy Fit only:
underwater mode
quickly answers
widget customization
advanced physical activity tracking
side button is a shortcut to start a workout
10 brightness levels (instead of 5)
More than 90 workouts

Mi Band 4 Features:
music control
Ali-Pay (type of)
band lock
Silence calls (not just rejection)
Wayyyyy cheaper !!!
Only 1 application is required (unlike the 2 necessary for galaxy adjustment)
inactive alerts
automatic alarm clock


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