Oliver Pocher: a child with his wife Amira was not planned 2

Oliver Pocher: a child with his wife Amira was not planned

In mid-May, Amira Aly announced in a fun Instagram post that she was expecting a baby. His relationship with Oliver Pocher was officially known only six months ago. Recently, the couple even got married. In the Maldives, the make-up artist and the comedian made the vow. Your baby will be born by the end of the year. Per Pocher will be the fourth child, since his marriage divorced with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden already has a daughter and two twin sons.

That she was pregnant at the age of 26, she had not been planned, revealed Aly in an interview with the magazine "Gala". "I had to take care of it first." He wanted to be "a young mom, but at the age of 26 I didn't feel ready in the beginning, so it was a shock to me," said the Austrian. After a few days, the feeling had "turned into the complete opposite".

Will a child be a test of the relationship?

Your biggest concern: how will the child affect your relationship? "Our relationship lives on our flexibility," says Aly. "This was also the reason why I initially worried about the pregnancy, I was sad and I doubted that a child was good for our relationship, in fact I had been crying for days, I was overwhelmed and I feared that it could be a problem for us can be."

Spontaneous journeys "are not so easy" with a small child. "So that our relationship doesn't stop, I travel with him." Olli also wishes "Aly admits. For two years he already does it. In the beginning, the comedian told her that he was not the type to spend time with his partner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But that was changed "little by little". "He is almost offended today if I don't arrive," the 27-year-old said.

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For Aly this is "the best statement" and she spouts that "it is never exhausting with us". Above all, she appreciates her husband's "insanely big heart". He can't do a thing. "Kitchen, Olli? No!" But the two have "a very similar sense of humor and laugh a lot together". However, he cannot do anything with all his jokes: "He will always take the best and fastest gag, even at the expense of others, even my grandmother must have known, but that's how I love him, he's the right man that I have He is married. "