Queen Elizabeth: We've never seen her so laid back 2

Queen Elizabeth: We've never seen her so laid back

Forget all the photos of the queen that you have seen so far. This is definitely your new favorite snapshot – promised! Agree, it's not at all a snapshot, because Her Majesty deliberately poses so cool for the photo that posted the "Hello". In this video you can see the outfit:

Angela Kelly, a close confidante and stylist of the Queen, suggested this unusually relaxed picture and tells in her book "The Downside of the Medal, Queen, Dresser and Wardrobe": "It was the secret wish of the queen to make such a candid photo." And even if the monarch knew what consequences the photo might have, the queen immediately enthusiastically agreed to sit casually and put her hands in her pockets. No doubt, a real eye catcher in her white dress, pearls and black pumps!

But not everyone was as enthusiastic as the queen. For example, the Royal Collection, which collaborated with Kelly, said that the photo could even mean the end of the monarchy and was therefore not intended for the public. "No idea why they thought that," says Kelly. Too good we were allowed to see the picture anyway.

And why all this excitement? Of course, because a royal simply does not put his hands in his pockets. That's how the label works. Even Meghan had already been reprimanded for this royal style break. During a visit to New Zealand, she had her hands stuck in her trench. A bad mistake, as you later understood.

Too bad there is this royal fashion brand. Because honestly: We would very much like such images from the royal family. They are simply too beautiful: the members of the royal family are only human beings …