Sense 8 actor Brian J. Smith released 2

Sense 8 actor Brian J. Smith released

Brian J. Smith

In an interview with the British gay magazine attitude The American actor Brian J. Smith was ruled out as gay. He was best known for his role as cop Will Gorski in the "Sense 8" series of Netflix.

At school, the 38-year-old was alone. Only acting has strengthened it.

Among other things, the actor talked about his childhood and his youth in the US state of Texas: "I was scared at school, I was not part of it nowhere. I was neither an athlete nor a nerd, "recalls the 38-year-old:" Forget about LGBTQ school groups, there was absolutely nothing, I was completely alone. " I heard all those names, "Pussy", "Fagot", "remembers Smith.

Like many others, he chose to act to escape this challenge: "In front of the public, I disappeared and I became somebody else," he said. he recalls: "There were 600 students and everyone probably thought I was an absolute idiot … they focused their attention on me on stage and they saw that I had something. And that's when I did not feel lonely. "

Finally, Brian J. Smith turned his hobby into a profession and trained at the Julliard School, one of the world's leading theater schools. In 2013, he received a nomination for the Tony, the most famous music award in the United States, for his role in "Glass Menagerie".

He did not check his parents until the age of 30 – and now is the time to make a public release

Incidentally, the actor came out in front of his family only when he was 30 years old. "When I took out my parents, they were wonderful, they said they were just waiting for me to say something, they were farther than I thought about them. It was from there that everything was fine for me. "

That's why he is now released in public. "People from attitude contacted each other, and I knew that the time had come. I hope that there are other people like me (and not like me!) Who say that. Just love! Now, let's party, "he wrote on a picture of the Attitude cover on Instagram.

In the United States, Brian J. Smith is currently on the television series "Treadstone", a derivative of the "Jason Bourne" films produced by gay Hollywood star Ben Smith.