The Grand Slam winner is looking for the next tennis superstar 2

The Grand Slam winner is looking for the next tennis superstar

Boris Becker wants to lead German tennis into a new era of success. This is why it takes on the patronage of a new sumptuous academy – and this should cost the right money.

The tennis icon Boris Becker wants to help his sport in Germany in a new role in the old splendor. On Thursday the six-time Grand Slam winner gave the starting signal for a new academy in Hochheim, Hesse. "Boris Becker International Tennis Academy" aims to provide young talented players with optimal conditions. The opening of the Academy, for which around 20 million euros will be invested, is scheduled for the spring of 2021.

Academy Square costs around 50,000 euros a year

"I consider myself a patron and wherever Boris Becker is, Boris Becker must also be present," Becker said at a press conference in Wiesbaden. Based on this, he would let his philosophy flow into the training work and about 30 tennis teachers will work in the academy. Khaled Ezzedine, an idea born of a real estate entrepreneur based in Wiesbaden, contacted Becker and decided to continue the project.

The offer is aimed at young people from around the world who can apply for admission and can also take their Abitur at the Academy. The costs for affected parents will be around 50,000 euros a year.

The largest indoor tennis hall in the world

On a total of 48,000 square meters, a site is under construction, including several outdoor spaces, a hotel and the Boris Becker Museum affiliate. Furthermore, the largest indoor tennis hall in the world will be part of the site with 21 seats. "Tennis lives in Germany, so we are convinced that the project will be successful," said Becker.

More recently, Becker was back on the front page due to his financial situation. On Tuesday, the UK bankruptcy council stated that some conditions will be extended to the 51-year-old until October 16, 2031. Becker declined to comment in Wiesbaden.