What is the great strategy of China? 2

What is the great strategy of China?

The establishment of the US foreign policy believed that China's economic rise would lead to political liberalization, and that China in the long term would become a benign actor in world affairs. That opinion has been falsified, but there is no consensus on what China wants and what threat it could pose to American interests. China seeks technological self-sufficiency and even superiority in key industries. He has concentrated military spending on advanced technologies. Its Belt and Road Initiative proposes a one billion dollar investment program to project China's influence around the world. What is the great design of China and how should the United States respond?

David P. Goldman is an Asia Times columnist and director of Asia Times Holdings LLC. He regularly contributes to the Review of Claremont books and other conservative media, including PJ Media, where he writes the "Spengler" column. During 2013-2016 he was managing director of Yunfeng Financial, an investment bank in Hong Kong. He was previously global head of debt research at Bank of America and head of credit strategy at Credit Suisse. He is the author of several books, including "How civilizations die" (2011). . (tagsToTranslate) video (t) partage (t) téléphone-appareil photo (t) visiophone (t) gratuit (t) envoi