Ed Sheeran: related to a job killer? 2

Ed Sheeran: related to a job killer?

It is said that pop star Ed Sheeran is related to the killer of the Mafia Frank Sheeran. The deceased murderer was reportedly a distant uncle. His life story will soon be published in cinemas and on Netflix.

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Pop star Ed Sheeran could share his pedigree with a brutal assassin: according to the British "Sun", the singer is related to the notorious Mafia murderer Frank Sheeran. Sheeran told actor Stephen Graham: "I swear it on my grandmother's life …" quotes Graham. "He said he was his distant uncle."

The suggestion is probably not accidental at this time: on November 14, Martin Scorsese's film "The Irishman" in this country at the cinema, November 27th, so already on Netflix all over the world. In it Robert De Niro plays the assassin Frank Sheeran, who belonged to the American Cosa Nostra and is said to have committed 25 murders for the mafia. The film project has been known for over ten years. Graham plays a character called Anthony Provenzano.

Was Ed Sheeran aware of the possible relationship in 2008? At that time, the star tweeted significantly: "Robert De Niro plays a great Irish gangster in a new Martin Scorsese film, the gangster he plays is Frank Sheeran, True Story".

As the British Daily Mail has learned, it should not be against Ed Sheerans' uncle, contrary to statements by actor Stephen Graham in the late gangster. So, there is only "a small chance that they could be cousins". This is evident from the records of birth, marriage and death in Britain and America in 1845. These do not show any direct connection between the two men. So it's just a public relations action to bring the Netflix movie "The Irishman" into conversation? Frank Sheeran died of cancer in 2003 at the age of 83, so the same mafioso is less able to provide information.