Football: Torgelow misses the surprise in Berlin 2

Football: Torgelow misses the surprise in Berlin

In the football league, clubs in the region had to overcome many obstacles. Neustrelitz lost a clear lead.


The goalkeeper of the football league, Torgelower FC Greif, has lost as expected his away match against the favorite of the promotion, Tennis Borussia Berlin, but in the defeat 1: 2 of Friday night, but offered an interesting performance. "The defeat was a little unfortunate for us because we played a very good game, TeBe's victory is not undeserved, it's a solid team," said Peter Jandt, Director of the Sports Greifs.

At the Mommsenstadion, the Berlin was imposed in front of nearly 400 spectators after the goals of Marko Petrovic (57th minute) and Rifat Gelici (87th) in the lead. Striker Maciej Ropiejko scored in the 93rd minute of the penalty spot. "We had some obvious chances that we unfortunately did not use," Jandt said. However, he was optimistic that the team did not suffer any physical damage in the last 20 minutes, as it has done in recent weeks.

Torgelow with: Kazcmarzcyk, Mista, Hilicki (85th Rodrigues), Galoch, Sobolczyk, Tiede, Mustapha, Korczynski, Pajaziti (80th Dachner), Juszczak, Ropiejko.

The climber did not give up

Meanwhile, the TSG Neustrelitz lost a 2-0 lead in the MVV Pampow derby and had to settle for a 2-2 at the end. Djibril N & # 39; Diaye (40) and Nils Röth (59) shot Tomasz Grzegorczyk's team in front of more than 500 spectators in the lead – the rally seemed to be underway. colors of the guests. But the MSV returned in the match and also rewarded: Johannes Ernst (71) and Fabio Manuel Dias (74) found themselves only three minutes for the promoted. "We have clearly given two points here," said the TSG coach.

Neustrelitz with: Petkov, Lagiewczyk, Röth, Ladwig, Liskiewicz, Luksik, Flis, Schmidt, Cicek (48th Noah Stövesand), Hass (77th Schölzke), Nie Diaye