Grundrente continues to falter: Merkel does not want to make the SPD "happy" 2

Grundrente continues to falter: Merkel does not want to make the SPD "happy"

The word G inside the Grand Coalition is probably triggering allergies. On Sunday, the basic pension should be decided, but Chancellor Merkel advises caution: it may take some time. The head of the CDU Kramp Karrenbauer insists on a need test. So everything goes back to zero.

Shortly before the perhaps decisive meeting of the leaders of the coalition on the basic pension, the head of the CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer insists on the examination of the needs of pensioners. "There must be a need there," he told a Union event in Würzburg. Since this needs testing, it seems exactly at the end, you can talk about it. "It is not a question at all, but it is clear from my point of view that it must happen."

Kramp-Karrenbauer again refused the payment requested by the SPD: "We must not give this recognition without conditions". This was not the case for other retirement benefits and would only lead to new injustices.

On Sunday morning, the coalition committee in Berlin wants to take care of the basic pension. Recently it had been said by all parties that an agreement was entirely possible. On Friday, however, moderate tones were heard: he was not sure that Sunday's negotiations could actually end, said Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is not worried that the Grundrenteneinigung someone in SPD or CDU will do it "happy". "It is not a question of whether this coalition fails or continues," said the head of the CDU. Rather, it is a central promise "that we have always given to people in the Federal Republic of Germany in the context of the social market economy". The fort, who works, must have more than one who does not work.

"Solidarity has gained a little"

"Anyone who got up every morning for little money for 35 years, took his children to school and worked, who did not say that I will become lazy and will feed me from others who did, and there they are many single parents, who also deserve our solidarity, "said Kramp-Karrenbauer. The objective must be to allow a decent pension. "I think it fits very well with our program and what makes the CDU."

According to the coalition agreement, people who have worked for a long time should receive a supplement, so that their pension is 10% higher than basic security. It is also agreed that it will be checked in advance if the interested people really need it. This is what the Union insists on, contrary to the SPD.

The commercial side of the CDU sets new conditions

While the old controversies on basic pensions continue to burn, the new dissent already threatens: according to a "mirror" report, the economic wing of the Union sets new conditions for an agreement with the SPD. The medium-sized companies of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group do not therefore need a test of the means. They also oppose Finance Minister Olaf Scholz's plan to finance the new performance using the proposed financial transaction tax, according to the document.

"In the coalition agreement, we asked for the introduction of a pan-European tax on financial transactions," says Hans Michelbach, president of the union in the finance committee, according to the report. Scholz, on the other hand, has recently questioned the introduction of a purely national tax on share sales. However, this corresponds to "not what we have negotiated", Michelbach was quoted. "This tax would not affect cross-border financial movements, but German savers who buy shares for old-age insurance".