Ibrahim Miri: Bamf rejects the asylum application 2

Ibrahim Miri: Bamf rejects the asylum application

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) rejected the asylum application of the Lebanese clan Ibrahim Miri as "obviously unfounded". The ICU advocate informed Good king News.

The decision had been delivered to the courier at 12.22 pm, he wrote the lawyer Miris Albert Timmer. Will present a timely appeal against the decision, announced the lawyer. The administrative court of Bremen will decide on this in an emergency application.

According to information from Good king News, an apartment in central Bremen was searched on Thursday, in which Ibrahim Miri's mother also lives. The police provided live ammunition assigned to his son. These are more than 30 short-barreled cartridges of .45 caliber. The police opened another investigation against Miri. The charge: violation of the arms law.

Ibrahim Miri had been expelled from Germany to Lebanon only in the summer and had been forbidden to enter the country. However, the former chairman of the rocker group "Mongols MC Bremen" returned to Bremen in October – according to his report he flew first with a fake passport to Turkey and then drove hidden in a truck in Nuremberg. After a few days he had traveled to Bremen, where he had asked the authorities and applied for asylum. Immediately thereafter, he was arrested and has been in detention ever since.

Cannabis plantation in the cellar

Before turning to the authorities, Ibrahim Miri should have been in the apartment, which has now been searched. The raid took place while Miri on Thursday morning in the Bremen police station a Bamf official described his reasons for the illegal entry into Germany.

In the same apartment Miri had been caught in the early hours of July 10 by a special command of the federal police and had been deported to a secretly planned action from there through Berlin to Lebanon. The operation was entitled "Disturbing Mr. Miri's Sleep".

Previously the apartment was the focus of investigations against Ibrahim Miri. In 2013, police discovered a cannabis plantation in the basement of the condominium. At that time, the electricity consumed by the plantation crossed the electric meter of the apartment where Miri's mother lives.

The attorney Albert Timmer requests the dismissal of his client from the detention center. Miri agreed to face the authorities in the event of a release. If necessary, he was also willing to wear an electronic ankle bracelet to clarify that he would not go underground.