Kele: 2042 (review and dissemination) 2

Kele: 2042 (review and dissemination)

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Kele: 2042 (review and dissemination) 3

This year, Kele Okereke and his band Bloc Party launched the successes of the 2005 album, which has a place of honor in the hearts of many fans. Kele Okereke's fourth solo album, 2042, is utterly nostalgic: it innovates musically and tackles socio-political topics in terms of content.

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In 2042, racism, spirituality and politics are discussed. So, "St Kaepernick Wept" talks about police violence against blacks. Kele talks about a protagonist who said "the wrong thing to the bad cop" and who was shot. The title of the song is Colin Kaepernick, an NFL player, who in 2016 caused a knee injury in the US anthem before the football matches for a sustained political debate.

After opting musically for discreet folk arrangements on the 2017 FATHERLAND album, Kele focuses more on electronic music in 2042, even though it's no longer the dancefloor rhythm of his first solo records: Musically, The album oscillates between indie-pop structures, electronic sounds and world music. Here and there you can hear the Bossanova rhythms ("Ceiling Games"), then "My Business", which looks like a R & B, reminiscent of Timbaland productions from the 2000s. "Cyril & # 39 "Blood", on the other hand, has an intro that inevitably brings to mind Kanye West at the time of YEEZUS. 2042 is a versatile album, which holds convincingly thanks to the general content topics.


Kele Okereke :: Homeland

Kele in a backdoor way: from the house to the singer-songwriter. He likes that.

Party Bloc :: Hymns

Recording on tape or solo? In any case, it's a very clear pop disc – almost post-independent.

Party Block :: Oven

Rock: The world needs a lot, among others. a Bloc Party album that still looks like Bloc Party. A group that …


Bloc parties Kele announces the fourth solo album "2042" with a new song

Keles' new song "Between Me And My Maker" is a musical meditation on the themes of rebirth and metamorphosis.

Kele Okereke's new single, Jele Bunny, in Bloc Partys, deals with everyday racism

In addition to the new single, Kele Okereke announces her fourth solo album "2042". It was not until the beginning of the year that the musician published the musical soundtrack "Leave To Remain".

Bloc Party comes with "Silent Alarm" on Germany Tour 2019

Bloc Party will play their first album completely. Concerts in Cologne, Berlin and Leipzig are planned.

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