Love relationship on the set: Zimmermann likes working with her husband 2

Love relationship on the set: Zimmermann likes working with her husband

Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger have been a couple for five years. And not only that: they can also be seen together in the comedy series "Der Lack ist ab". Now, the two actors talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having a relationship on the set.

Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger have had a happy relationship for more than five years. They live in a large patchwork family of two actors, a common child, Wiesinger's two daughters from a previous marriage and Zimmermann's son from a previous relationship. In the Bavarian town of Murnau am Staffelsee, they shared this fortune at the SKL Million event, they played lucky spades for the candidates and talked about their lives.

From 2015, the two are together in the comic series "Paint is turned off" to see. But does it have advantages or disadvantages to work together as a couple? "I don't know any disadvantages, actually, I think it's great," says Wiesinger. "We knew each other from work long before we were together, so everyone knew how to check, even at work." This was a huge advantage in front of the camera. "I think you're together as a couple, because you also want to spend time together because you love each other, so it's nice to be able to spend so much time together, even at work," adds Zimmermann.

However, to separate the professional from the private, the two succeed in principle quite well. Obviously you also talk about it at home, when you work together on a project, "but with the children together, we will do it quite well," explains Zimmermann. "We're just normal parents there."

"You don't have to impose this"

The two would also be lucky enough to have a job that belongs to their life, observes Wiesinger. "It's not just something you do to make money." He cannot separate his passion for acting from his private life because it is both "a total part of our life". "But that doesn't mean that we will somehow put the shooting plans on the table for the children […]. Separate it, but everything goes together."

As a lucky personal godfather at the SKL Million event, Bettina Zimmermann awarded the first prize of one million euros to the retired Uwe Bindernagel in Murnau. The amateur fisherman was happy, but he also gave himself modest. His last big party was in 2007 in Turkey. Now he wants to give his wife a vacation in Mallorca, as his family has recommended.

And this is why he, Wiesinger and Zimmermann are practically on the same wavelength. What would the actor couple do if they win a million? "I think it will prevail that we will have a very, very long journey with the whole family or a world tour," enthuses Zimmermann. "It is not necessary to impose this," interrupts Wiesinger, who would buy a boat. "So we travel by boat and we can do it", the actress affirms diplomatically.