Michael Bloomberg: Now the most respectable man in the world takes on Donald Trump 2

Michael Bloomberg: Now the most respectable man in the world takes on Donald Trump

Another billionaire, another man, even older. After Donald Trump, 73, Joe Biden, 76, now joins Michael Bloomberg, 77 and corporate media entrepreneur, in the race for the US presidency.

Not for the first time he throws his hat in the ring. Already in the spring he played with the idea of ​​challenging the historic Republican operator, but again rejected the plan. Although he believes he can defeat President Trump, "he recognizes the difficulty of winning the democratic nomination in such a vast field of candidates," he said in March. Although little has changed so far, it would still be registered for the elections, whose registration period ends now.

Money is not a problem for Michael Bloomberg

Like Donald Trump, Bloomberg is New Yorker, but has a little more success in business. According to Forbes magazine, his fortune exceeds $ 50 billion, which makes him the eighth richest person in the world. It should not fail to finance the extremely expensive American presidential campaign. On the other hand, it could be more difficult if the Democratic Party base moves to the left, preferring candidates like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to moderate people like Joe Biden. In order not to hinder the former vice president of the United States, Bloomberg should have given up his candidacy a few months ago. Bloomberg is also considered the representative of the center.

Michael Bloomberg

But Biden, who leads in many polls, had allowed the latest mistakes. Moreover, it could be popular, but rather popular as the friendly, slightly blurred Uncle next door. "Bloomberg thinks Joe Biden is weak and Sanders and Warren can't win," reports the "New York Post" from the Bloombergs environment. In his view, Trump represents an "unprecedented threat" to the United States, with which he is unable to absorb the current field of candidates, says his advisor Howard Wolfson in the "New York Times".

A democrat in every way

In terms of content, Bloomberg is a moderate democrat to the end. It supports the most stringent laws on firearms, is strong in the fight against climate change, argues, unlike Trump and many Republicans, the right to abortion and gay marriage. Therefore, candidate Bloomberg clearly addresses liberal voters in major coastal regions and cities. For the population of the country, however, Bloomberg should be too much for the "offshore effect of the eastern coast elite". In the few polls in which Bloomberg has been asked so far, the billionaire cuts only moderately. Only six percent of the Democrats would have supported him.

Bloomberg is not a charismatic politician who electrifies the masses, he has also made his fortune with more solid economic data than with a large bric-a-brac. To provide real-time information on the stock market, Bloomberg launched a networked computer system called Bloomberg terminals. Since 1989 it has also created a media division, initially specialized in financial news, then even wider. Today he works according to the information of the company in 120 countries about 20,000 people for his company Bloomberg LP.

As a tribute to the mayor of Donald Trump

Unlike Donald Trump, Bloomberg has political experience: for eight years he was mayor of New York City. To circumvent the cumbersome process of democratic nomination, he quickly joined the Republicans, won mayoral elections for them in 2001 and then made more or less democratic politics. He also received praise from Donald Trump, then a TV star. Bloomberg is doing a great job, he tweeted in 201second

A little different from his comments a few years later, as Bloomberg also thought strongly of attracting Democrats into the presidential election campaign: "The small Michael Bloomberg would never have had the balls to run for his last term was a disaster, said the 2016 Trump activist,

Still Bloomberg is silent

Bloomberg himself did not comment on his planned candidacy initially. However, the field of candidates with 17 men and women is already abundantly filled – and it is questionable whether the party base is really thirsty for another alternative. However, its chances of success need not necessarily be reduced to late. Barack Obama had announced his candidacy about a year and a half before the vote, at a time when his counterpart Hillary Clinton was already set. The end is known.

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