Rocky Horror Show: an actor donates to HOSI Salzburg 2

Rocky Horror Show: an actor donates to HOSI Salzburg

Rocky Horror Show: Money Transfer
HOSI Salzburg

It's an old custom among actors to make small gifts after the first to celebrate a new piece. But at the Salzburg Landestheater, this tradition has now been broken – for a good cause.

The actors support the work of civil rights defenders in their actions

On November 5, for example, the ensemble gave up gifts for the "Rocky Horror Show" and instead collected donations for HOSI Salzburg. A total of 180 euros has been gathered, which now benefits the various fields of activity of civil rights defenders.

"We thank you for your support of our work and your donation," said Paul Haller, Managing Director of HOSI Salzburg. Because every donation, no matter how small, secures the work of Mozart's activists.

Of course, during the show, you can also throw a banner – but no rice

If you want to see the "Rocky Horror Show" at the Salzburg Landestheater, you still have time for it. The last performance being scheduled for February 20, 2020, tickets are also available online.

For ten euros, there is even a Fanbag, which contains among other essential accessories for the streamers to the unit, water guns, glow sticks or rubber gloves. The use during the performance is even desirable.

To prevent injuries, however, the Salzburg National Theater asks not to throw a roll of toilet paper, rice or toast on the stage to splash the artists or ignite the sparks.