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Short and sweet: the technological tips of the week

In the technology tips of the week Good king News presents short and sharp products that have tried and found good. This time it's good and cheap, a smart book explains Dummies AI and a thin hub connects all types of devices with USB-C sockets.

Panasonic RP-HF410B

Panasonic RP-HF410B.jpg

The Panasonic RP-HF410B is a cheap but good Bluetooth over-ear headset.

(Photo: Panasonic)

The best Bluetooth headphones often cost more than 100 euros, prices around 200 euros and even more are not uncommon. But good devices are also available for much less money. A wonderful example of this is the Panasonic RP-HF410B, which you get for less than 45 euros.

This is a so-called over-ear headphone. That is, its shells are on the ears and do not enclose them. This has the advantage that the headphones are small and light. Furthermore, an over-ear is more airy and therefore even in warmer temperatures it is still comfortable to wear. However, the ears can quickly hurt if the pressure is too high or the pads are too hard.

The Panasonic RP-HF410B does almost everything well in this regard. It weighs only 130 grams and sits securely, but not too tight on the head. The coating is nice and soft, but a little thin. This can be a problem for those who wear glasses when the brackets are thicker. If you don't need it, you can fold the headphones, but a case is not included.

Incredibly beautiful sound

The sound is surprisingly good for such inexpensive headphones. It offers powerful but not exaggerated bass that doesn't pulsate even at high volumes. The centers form a stable framework, the heights are clear and contribute to providing many details to the overall harmonic sound.

Control is simple and effective using three buttons on the right shell. There is also a separate on / off switch, which is also used for pairing. The keys are easy to distinguish with the thumb.

The mileage of the headphones is also pleasant: it lasts up to 24 hours. If the battery is low, it is not possible to continue wiring, but the battery is already charged enough for three hours of music after 15 minutes on the charger.

With not even 45 euros, the Panasonic RP-HF410B offers excellent value for money. He is comfortable and persistent and sounds good. For small money you must accept, however, that no transportation bag is included.


Short and sweet: the technological tips of the week 2

Panasonic RP-HF410BE-K Bluetooth Headphones (24-hour battery life, fast charge, voice control, lightweight folding headphones) black

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Artificial intelligence for dummies

411ZQ6R77DL.jpg "src =" https://apps-cloud.Good king News/img/21383123-1573225244000/3-4/750/411ZQ6R77DL.jpg "class =" lazyload "/></picture><figcaption>
<p class="Artificial Intelligence for Dummies" is a smart book.

(Photo: Wiley-VCH)

Although artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in many areas of our lives, few people know this is a AI, how it works, what it does or cannot do. And is it really really in all artificial intelligence devices, do producers recommend us with AI properties?

If you search the internet for artificial intelligence, you will find many answers, but most of them are either too superficial or completely incomprehensible to Otto Normal users. This is often due to the fact that scientists and engineers who are familiar with the issue cannot correctly explain the laity. To describe something so complicated as to mean "normal people" is anything but easy.

Ralf Otte Can. The professor of industrial automation and artificial intelligence has written a guide in the well-known series "Dummie" by Wiley-VCH-Verlag. So you should not take the "Dummie" too literally, because after all Otte assumes "higher level mathematical knowledge".

You don't have to understand everything

But even if school time is over and / or math wasn't the brightest light in class, you can read the book and learn a lot about it. You can easily skip some gray boxes with mathematical explanations and still understand what it is. It doesn't matter if one or another graphic or table is too complicated.

Otte also offers many details for the more advanced readers who can do much more than higher level math, but it does not let the "dummies" resist in the rain by repeatedly presenting summaries and examples that are easy to understand. And even if you go down the middle of the book, then you know a lot more about artificial intelligence than most other people.

For 25 euros, the book by Ralf Otte offers about 450 pages an introduction to artificial intelligence, which is as simple as possible. It begins with the definition of the term, explains the basics of machine learning and the construction of neural networks, shows practical applications and looks to the future. More enjoyable and understandable than Otte which probably isn't in any other book.


Short and sweet: the technological tips of the week 3

Artificial intelligence for dummies

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Verbatim USB-C multi-port adapter 49142

Verbatim Multiport Hub 49142.jpg

Verbatim Multiport Hub 49142 has connectors that are missing, among others, from the MacBook Pro.

(Photo: Verbatim)

In fact, it's sad that the MacBook Pro or other really expensive Ultrabooks often only have USB-C inputs, some devices even just one. But crying does not help if you have opted for a sleek and thin but poorly equipped laptop. A solution must be: as compact as possible, but versatile and, of course, not too expensive. One of these devices is the new Verbatim 49142 USB-C multi-port adapter.

Better and cheaper than individual adapters

For almost 50 euros, it offers pretty much everything Macbook & Co. is lacking and saves you buying individual adapters. On one side there are three USB-A ports (USB 3.0) and an HDMI port (4K). On the other side there are slots for SD and microSD cards. C is a Gigabit Ethernet port on the front and a USB-C input through which you can charge the connected notebook. Verbatim's multi-port adapter is well made and makes a stable impression. Cards and plugs are firmly in the slots.

Instead of buying a single card reader and USB, Ethernet and HDMI adapters, it is cheaper and easier to buy a multiport hub like this. If you don't need all the connections, Verbatim also offers cheaper devices.


Short and sweet: the technological tips of the week 4

Verbatim USB-CTM multi-port adapter with USB 3.0 – HDMI, 4K, Gigabit Ethernet port and card reader slot for SD / microSD, fast charge port, compatible with laptops and MacBook, 49142

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