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Farmers also depend on automation and AI

The agricultural sector is modernizing technologically: fertilization or weeding robots will make the work of farmers easier and protect the environment.

Automation, artificial intelligence and robots, big known trends of the automotive industry, are also at the center of Agritechnica agricultural technology exhibition. More than 450,000 visitors are expected until next Saturday at the Hannover Fair, which began Sunday. Because when robots do not fertilize more specifically than necessary, the risk of over-fertilization decreases. Weeding robots avoid the use of weed killers.

Nearly 2,800 exhibitors from more than 50 countries showcase their new products. Nearly two-thirds of the exhibitors come from abroad – most from Italy, China, the Netherlands, Turkey and France.

Digitization is also a key factor in the agricultural sector: "precision farming" involves controlling planting, fertilizing or planting pesticides in the field, sometimes in centimeters, and analyzing soils. In addition to satellite navigation, robots, sensors and radar technologies are also used.

At the international meeting of the industry of the German Agricultural Society, new approaches will be discussed to improve the understanding of the work of farmers. By the end of October, farmers from all over Germany had protested against the federal government's agricultural policy and, in their view, against stringent regulations on environmental protection. They demand more recognition for their profession. dpa

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