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Football: Liverpool spoils Guardiola's mood

The encouragement at Anfield was deafening, Klopp hugged each of his players. "I liked the game. I like the atmosphere. It was amazing, the people – fantastic, facing an exceptionally powerful opponent," said the German, who finally wants to win the title with his club after 30 years.

The gap between champions and leaders is already nine points. The question of whether it still catches up, Guardiola wanted to answer the BBC radio station. "I'm not a magician, I can not look to the future," said the Catalan snob and with a forced smile. Later, he seemed more provocative. "There are still seven months left to play. (…) If Liverpool wins the title, I will be the first to congratulate them for their quality."

Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool coach

Reuters / Phil Noble

The win at home against Manchester City was won by Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp

In fact, only twelve of the 38 games have been completed. Nevertheless, since Sunday night, some British media seem to clearly know who will win the title at the end. "Liverpool swept the floor with the defending champion," writes the tabloid The Sun. "Of course, the 30 years of pain will finally come to an end."

"Not only to be the first in November"

Klopp warned that nothing had been decided yet. "Nine points, that something like that happens, you can not imagine," he said incredulously. "But it does not matter, because who wants to be first in November? We want to be not only first in November, but also in May."

In any case, it was an important step. Fabinho (6th), Mohammed Salah (13th) and Sadio Mane (51st) played each other in the high-level match for the "Reds". The vulnerable players did a lot of pressure, but did not try their luck. Bernardo Silva (78) goal came too late. Liverpool also survived the frenetic closing stages, with supporters cheering for the famous anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone!", A few minutes before the final whistle.

The game of hands allows discussions

Discussions took place after the match on a possible hand penalty for City. Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool had hit the ball in the first phase of the penalty area with the arm. However, just before Bernardo Silva from City touched the ball with his hand. The referee continued the game and, in return, Fabinho scored with a magnificent long-range shot.

At the microphone of the BBC, Guardiola did not want to talk about it. "Ask the referees," he said. Previously, he shook hands with officials with an artificial smile and thanked excessively. Sarcasm? "No, I congratulated them. "Handball penalty or not -" Liverpool did not win this match because of individual arbitration decisions, "said Monday" The Guardian. "" Pep Guardiola will know him better than anyone else. "

Worst start to the season for Guardiola

25 points after twelve games – the former coach of Barcelona and Bayern had its worst start to the season as a first division coach. ManCity is only fourth in the table behind Leicester City and Chelsea (26 points). "There are three teams in front of us that have better chances to be champions," he said. "We will keep trying, and you can not always win in football."

English Premier League, twelfth round

Friday, November 8th:
Norwich Watford 0: 2
Saturday, November 9th:
Chelsea Crystal Palace 2: 0
Tottenham Sheffield United 1: 1
Southampton * Everton 1: 2
Burnley West Ham 30
Newcastle Bournemouth 2: 1
Leicester arsenal 2: 0
Sunday, November 10:
Manchester United Brighton and Hove 3: 1
Wolverhampton Aston Villa 2: 1
Liverpool Manchester City 3: 1

* Danso on the bench