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Lena Meyer-Landrut: the fans' enthusiasm for the naked photo! – people

Two young women in intimate pose, naked, eyes closed.

It is a powerful image that Lena Meyer-Landrut (28) published on Instagram on Monday and which shows together at the actress Emilia Schüle (26). For the post, the singer has yet to be criticized by some fans.

Semi-nude beauties in a double package, true Instagram gold. No wonder the photo has already received 135,000 likes. But behind the instant from the intimate aspect of the two young stars is more – with the contribution of Lena Meyer-Landrut wants to convey an important message. She writes:

"For me, the image represents the power of women: feeling good about the skin. It doesn't matter where you come from, who you love, how much you love, what makes you happy, how you look, how much you weigh, in what you believe, how you dance , how loud it sounds or how much you think in silence. It's you and it's perfect. "

A constantly positive message, most find. "Wow, really true and beautiful text" and "It helped me a lot, thanks for everything", he says in the comments, among others. A follower even finds: "This caption should be born in the world! Every day, every hour, every minute and everywhere!"

THAT criticize the critics

Others find Lena's statement difficult, no matter how much it looks or how much it weighs. They doubt that the singer, who without problems crosses her flawless appearance as a model, is behind the message:

▶ ︎ "So the wisdom of people with a perfect face and without problems of figure … I love it. So authentic".

▶ ︎ "You always find it particularly strange to read such words from people who generate their income mainly through their appearance. It is obvious that in Germany you have no chance in the field of acting or as a singer if your optics are not revealed accordingly. it is even more true for women than for men.

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▶ "Write, among other things, how you are, you are perfect, no matter how much you weigh. But you contradict yourself with this pseudo-tolerant saying, since you don't care how much you weigh yourself. And you yourself said in an interview that you don't say it directly to everyone, but some also think they weigh too much (…). Therefore, I consider your sayings not only as not authentic, but rather as a scam, for getting to people even better, but I saw good. "

So far Lena Meyer-Landrut has not commented on the criticisms.

The conciliatory words, on which both parties can probably agree, finally get an answer from this fan: "I see friendship, security, trust, sisters in the heart and, of course, beautiful people. A very beautiful photo".