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Postponed tour dates: Luke Mockridge stops abnormally during filming

To the show "Capture!" you have to go to the limit, says Luke Mockridge. For a copy of the program, however, the comedian goes far beyond his physical limits. He falls to the ground and screams in pain. The diagnosis is sobering, even for his fans.

Comedian Luke Mockridge was injured in a TV show on his leg and has to cancel his tour dates. The moderator crashed on Sunday recording his show "Capture!" in Cologne and suffered a muscle tear due to a tendon tear in the left thigh, as announced by the Brainpool production company. The scheduled dates of his live tour in Kempten (12/13/11) and Passau (14/15/11) would therefore be canceled on the advice of doctors. You are already looking for replacement dates.

A "Capture!" According to the broadcaster Sat.1, celebrities, course specialists and high level athletes challenge each other. In each show the four-man teams would start "to capture the winner of the day in spectacular obstacle courses and unusual catch disciplines". The current registration was a special issue "European Championship".

To survive the fast-paced Fang Show, you have to "go to the limit," Mockridge said in a first reaction to his injury. As always, he didn't know where his limit was. "Shit happens!" He had considered going blindfolded on tour. But then he couldn't meet the standards of his live show, the thirty-year-old said.

Mockridge shouted "in pain" after the fall, the German publishing network said. The registration could still be concluded, according to the production company. The comedian ("Luke! The Great Night Show") returned to his team after a treatment break, according to Brainpool – and saw the rest of the show sit down. The broadcast is scheduled for the beginning of 2020 on Saturday 1. How far you will see the fall is not yet clear.