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Dancing on Ice: Jens Hilbert has to leave the show, Eric Stehfest was impressed

Three years ago, actor Eric Stehfest showed on RTL's show "Let's Dance" that he had excellent body control and an excellent sense of rhythm. Now he was able to transport this talent from ice stalls. The thirty year old received a standing ovation for his appearance in the show Sat.1 "Dancing on Ice". Stehfest raced in the first minute of his freestyle alone on the ice and showed even without his professional partner Amani Fancy a sovereign performance.

Judges Katarina Witt and Judith Williams were not only struck by Stehfest's performance, but also deeply touched. Williams lacked the words, Witt was stunned. "You totally forget that you are on the ice for the first time – a great compliment," said the two-time Olympic champion. Even the juror Daniel Weiss was thrilled. It's so unbelievable, I don't know what can be done better, "said the former skater. Weiss also announced that he would personally announce Stehfest at the next German championships if he continued like this.

Eric Stehfest's dam was an ice skater

The fact that the actor brings talent to figure skating is due to his mother Liane. She was a professional skater in the former GDR and sometimes also trained with Katarina Witt. Under these conditions, Stehfest at "Dancing on Ice" could do a lot.

As last year's winner Sarah Lombardi, who had a guest appearance on the show. He raced with his former partner Joti Polizoakis at the song "Show Me Love" by Swedish singer Robyn. The freestyle presented presents Lombardi on the "Holiday on Ice" tour, which begins at the end of the month. The jurors were enthusiastic about Lombardi's performance. "You haven't forgotten anything," said Katarina Witt.

Jens Hilbert, on the other hand, had to leave the show as a first celebrity. The 41-year-old lost the so-called skate-off against host Peer Kusmagk, who had crashed during his freestyle. Hilbert made a strange appearance on the ice – including sharp cries of music and a savage Iroquois hairstyle. The judgment of the jury was devastating for the entrepreneur. The juror Daniel Weiss spoke of an "ice skating number". He didn't want to accept that Hilbert had to stop training for seven weeks with a break at the elbow. "It's no pity bonus," Weiss said.