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Dr. Oetker collects Twitter Shitstorm for a joke about homeopathy

The manufacturer of frozen pizza Dr. med. Oetker published an ironic post on Twitter's short message platform, with a positive side towards homeopathy. The tweet said: "Marketing Tweet: Discover now our new Extra-filled homeopathic pizza, particularly expensive and with delicious traces of fish sticks. # Homeopathy". You could see the remains of a pizza, of which only the edge remained.

Supporters of alternative medicine did not find the joke funny. They rebelled under the post and demanded a boycott of the entire company. Dr. Oetker responded to the criticisms, canceled the controversial tweet and apologized in another message: "We deleted our #homeopathy tweet. At no time was it our intention to make someone angry, so please in the future tweet with us a healthy dose Understand humor ".

New criticism: the cancellation is an "embarrassing reversal"

But that was not the end of the topic. In reverse. This was followed by the subsequent wave of indignation, because the opponents of the homeopathy celebrated the detachment and the company after the cancellation now accuse him, "in front of a strong and screaming minority eingeknickt" (original sound of a Twitter user ).

According to the company's statement, critical comments are accumulating. The well-known homeopathic critic Dr. Christian Lübbers joined the discussion. Similarly, Matthias Hauer, a member of the Bundestag, which the spitz formulated that the pizza apparently "harmful to the spine" is.

Another Twitter user summed up: "It's a shame, the advertising was creative and it certainly gave you good publicity among most consumers, but maybe denial is just a marketing ploy".

source: Twitter account Oetker Pizza DE. Twitter account of dr. Christian Lübbers