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Formula 1 in Brazil: Ferrari Crash – They say Leclerc and Vettel – Formula 1

The world title for the driver and the Ferrari team lost again this season. But the team reliably assures him of the craziest accidents of the season …

At the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo, Sebastian Vettel (32) and Charles Leclerc (22) shot each other in the 66th round. The end for both cars while Max Verstappen (21) wins in Interlagos. All for all the kaputti at Ferrari!

The crazy scene five laps before the end of the race: Leclerc attacks Vettel in front of him in the battle for a possible podium before the first lap. Go over. Vettel wants to put the counter on the straights before the third round and attacks his teammate. At about 300 km / h they both travel next to each other, leaving no space for a millimeter. Vettel's left rear tire touches Leclerc's right front tire.


When Monegassen breaks the suspension, Vettel's rubber flies away in tatters. The end for both Ferraris.

Vettel later on RTL: "It's stupid for the team, with two cars not seeing the checkered flag. I think Charles tried to overtake in the first corner. So I concentrated on the next straight. I thought I was finished and then we got it come together. I think in the end there will be clarifying talks. "

Leclerc analysis: "I passed round one, before round three Sebastian tried to get past the outside. There was not enough space, I left enough space for him. He squeezed me in. He went a lot. fast. Then we touched and I had a puncture ".

Furthermore, both drivers were not allowed to comment. Ferrari canceled the usual rounds with both drivers.

<img class = "foto ondemand zoomable" src = "https://bilder.Good king News/fotos-skaliert/der-einsamste-mann-in-sao-paulo-vettel-auf-dem-rueckweg-zur-box- after-he-his-ferrari-broken-abs-201289416-66105878 / 1, w = 1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" The most solitary man in São Paulo: Vettel on the way back to the Box, having had to turn off his Ferrari "data-zoom-title =" The man more alone in San Paolo: Vettel on the way back after having to turn off his Ferrari


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The most solitary man in San Paolo: Vettel on his way back to the pits, having had to turn off his FerrariPhoto: DOUGLAS MAGNO / AFP

Vettel and Leclerc shoot themselves. What does the team leader say?

Mattia Binotto (50): "Both drivers apologized. Now we have time to analyze it."

The skilled Italian did not want to engage with a culprit.

But it is already clear: the already scratched relationship between Vettel and Leclerc (Zoff upstream, Singapore's strategic problems, the beginning of the conflict in Russia) is finally in the bucket with the crash of Brazil …