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In one of the funniest scenes of the third season of The crown Royal family watching television in Buckingham
Palace. Prince Philip opened the doors of the BBC so she could improve the troubled image of the royal family with a documentary on life at court. You should behave like a normal evening, the director suggests timidly. Thus, the Queen, Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Princess Anne sleep on royal couches, pretending to watch television while they are recorded for television. "Above all, do not go beyond banality," notes Margaret.

It's a well-wrapped praise that is To fart
, the creator of The crown, at
treat this place. After all, what Prince Philip wants so much in the series – a personal glimpse of the normality of the extraordinary
and to win the sympathy of a wide audience – that's exactly what Morgan has
with his Netflix series.

The first season started in November 2016 with the surprising crowning of the 25-year-old
Elizabeth in 1952. Claire Foy played this young queen as a naive in need
had just emancipated from his parents by marrying the impetuous
Airmen and veterans of the Navy Philip Mountbatten. Foreign and domestic policy
The problems of his country have mastered this queen with the beginner's charm and the advantage
a woman who is constantly underestimated.

Season three begins in 1964, the turbulence of the first years is the
The pragmatism of daily representation has given way. Respect inside and outside the walls of Buckingham Palace is lacking
The queen is no longer, but the unconditional love you once had
had been brought. And through the walls of London Palace
Prince Philip fears a Labor Party election victory in the sixties: "These people want to see our head stung."

It took two years between the publication of the second and the new
Season now, which is certainly due to the fact that the cast completely
has been replaced. The royal characters of contemporary history, as has always been the plan of the six-season series, are represented by actresses and actors who are almost age-old models of prominence at the time of the plot. The transition is successful in almost all cases, especially Olivia Colman as a queen adds to the silhouette a sharpness that is missing. For Colman, 45, Elizabeth II is the second queen role within
shortly, for his portrait of the extravagant queen and starving in love
Anne to The favourite she received an Oscar in February. With his stern interpretation of the current Queen, who is never a role in the UK, Colman will not fail to make friends.

But his Elizabeth II is the logical progression
this figure in the series and at the same time a representative of a role subject, in which Colman already in other series like Broadchurch or fleabag shone: the woman who arrived in the second half of life and suspects that many things are now irreversibly lost. In the first scene of the new season, you see the queen from behind, like you.
resemblance exchanged on new stamps considered. We recognize in this portrait, one of the flutes courtiers, as does the queen
"From a young woman to a …" – "… old box", adds dry.

Colman coming out of one Working class-Background (a British columnist has complained of all his seriousness,
the actress has a from the left
, a "left face").
Add another nuance to the queen: the angular, sometimes even the trampled, which at times really radiates this regent. The down-to-earth, for many
The British love them. Colman perfectly copied the queen's walk, she moved throughout the series as if she were stuck in an invisible corset and as if her feet were tied by a chain.