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Cassero Salute's new December 1 campaign against stigma
December 1, 2016 – World Aids Day, Cassero
Salute launches a new campaign with a video focused on the battle
Discrimination and stigmatization of people living with HIV.

Ignorance and fears over stereotypes and negative images over time
In the main structure of HIV, they are known to be the most important cause of transmission.
Ignoring the serological status does not only mean endangering health but also:
also with partners. It is important to have an HIV test done regularly, inquire about it
prevention methods and safer sex by knowing what it means to be HIV + and what the tools are
are available to fight the virus.
Equally important, HIV discussion is not only personal but extends to the collective to activate sensitivity, empathy, participation and sharing.
Consciousness is a powerful weapon for removing fears, welcoming oneself and others, and activating the circle of virtuous understanding and love
"Recognize", "Bind", "Intrude", "Continue", "Accept" are the words
Key choices in this campaign to eliminate stereotypes resulting in discrimination against HIV positive people.
Identifying oneself, that is, knowing one's serological status and recognizing another as a virus-free person, which brings judgments and prejudices into friendship, family and social relationships, emotional and sexual relationships.
Cassero Salute volunteers and volunteers planned and executed the campaign
thanks for the contributions of Body Bag Love and Piercing ( and Gruccialterna Atelier (
Video Credit:
Screenplay: Vincenzo Morteo and Giuseppe Rutigliano
Directed and edited by Roberto Zinzi