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Kate Middleton: Shock! – Now comes to see that Prince William … – Celebrity TV

Kate Middleton: Big shock – now, it turns out that William …

Kate Middleton: Shocking the Duchess - did she see THAT?

Kate Middleton: Shocking the Duchess – did she see THAT?

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London. Kate Middelton becomes Queen of England. At least that is very likely. Because her husband, Prince William, occupies second place on the throne and even becomes crown prince when his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, dies once. However, many Britons already like to see them both in direct succession to the beloved queen.

Because unlike his father, William, without any scandal, enjoys the trust of the people. Unlike his father and his brother, Prince Harry, William inherited from his grandmother the disciplined nature, both silent and steel. And his wife Kate Middleton pulls along.

Kate Middleton and Prince William, they are considered an absolute dream couple: London dream wedding, three grandchildren, a family of picture books. But the duchess will probably not be satisfied with the pictures taken around the world. Because of all her husband, Prince William meets a woman with whom he not only exchanged beautiful words, but also physical contact.

Prince William attended the 50th anniversary celebration of Centrepoint, the club that supports homeless people, in London on Wednesday evening. And next to the royal husband of Kate Middleton other distinguished guests were also invited. One of them was very happy with the meeting with Prince William.

Kate Middleton: What's up with these photos?

We are talking about the singer Rita Ora. She beamed with the Prince's greetings. And rented according to the mirror even his green velvet suit in the highest tones. About a flirt?

And then Kate Middleton's husband kissed the musician on the cheek. Something that he can not do in public to his own wife because of the strict royal protocol. Because it is forbidden for the couple to get closer to the public.

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This welcome gesture between Prince William and Rita Ora should be uncomfortable for Kate Middleton.


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After all, she does not have to deal with the other supposed family disagreements at Christmas time.

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This is Kate Middleton:

  • Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton was born on January 9, 1982 in Reading, England.
  • She is the wife of the British prince William
  • His royal name is "SAR Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge"
  • Kate Middleton is the eldest daughter of a flight attendant and a flight attendant
  • During her studies in St. Andrews, she met William
  • In 2010, the couple are engaged during holidays in Kenya.
  • On April 29, 2011, the couple is married
  • William and Kate have three children


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Even about the queen herself, something came out: Elizabeth II fell on Christmas at Sandringham House. When the head of the British royal family wanted to sit down, she dropped on her back. A maid had removed her chair because of a misunderstanding. How the queen reacted, you can read here.