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Leclerc collision in the 100th race: Vettel crashes at Verstappen's victory

Pure drama: the Brazilian Grand Prix ends for Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel before the checkered flag. In an overtaking maneuver, he clashes with his teammate Charles Leclerc. Lewis Hamilton receives a later penalty. Max Verstappen benefits and wins the Formula 1 race.

In the mad chaos of Brazil, the Zoff between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc has finally increased. Five laps before the end of the penultimate race of the season, Ferrari's two stable rivals crashed one against the other and eliminated both. "It's stupid for the team if both cars don't see the checkered flag," said the irascible German after the disaster in his 100th Grand Prix for the Scuderia. A clarifying conversation with Leclerc "one day".

In the box, the engineers have haunted the turbulent events, the team leader Mattia Binotto faces the finals in two weeks in Abu Dhabi in a disappointing Ferrari season before the heavier cleaning. "What the hell is he doing ?!", he had scolded Vettel in the car on Leclerc. In a crazy final phase, Max Verstappen secured his victory in Red Bull. Lewis Hamilton had to settle for third place in the Autódromo José Carlos Pace behind Pierre Gasly of Toro Rosso – only to lose his place again.

Hamilton with Senna helmet and subsequent punishment

The six-time Formula 1 world champion received a five-second penalty from the race director about an hour after the race. Hamilton is back in seventh place. He had touched and transformed Alexander Albon's Red Bull in an attempt to overtake in the turbulent final phase of the penultimate race of the season. "I absolutely accept it", Hamilton commented on the sentence while sitting at the press conference of the first three finalists and the sanction was announced in parallel. Because Hamilton Carlos Sainz moved to McLaren in third place.

"The start is incredibly important, but after that there are still 71 laps," Vettel's team leader, Mattia Binotto, said before the red light went out. The front row had an explosiveness: Verstappen vs .. Vettel. The Dutch hotspur accused the Scuderia of the German veteran due to a surprising drop in the performance of the last scam. On Friday in Brazil, the two Ferraris were still the fastest, on Saturday's qualifying, but no more. For Verstappen everything went according to plan. The Red Bull man led the field after his second career pole in the early rounds. Vettel, who started from second position, tried to stop him and moved to the right side of Hamilton. The British remained cold in the Mercedes and ran past the Seine-S outside the Germans in the beginning. Two weeks after his sixth world cup meeting in Austin, Hamilton started with a special helmet design in homage to Brazil and the Ayrton Senna legend. However, Verstappen, who last year suffered a collision with Esteban Ocon, who almost successfully won at Interlagos, remained in the lead. Vettel's teammate, Charles Leclerc, has organized a recovery show. After changing the engine of the Monegasse he was only 14th in the penultimate round of the season. But after ten laps he beat eight rivals. Opposite, the trio Verstappen, Hamilton and Vettel ran on eye contact.

"The tires are in the ass"

Hamilton came in the 21st round as the first of the peddling candidates. Finally. This action has arrived in the race so far without events. Verstappen also retired a lap later with the soft mix, but was almost forced to the wall before leaving the pit lane by Williams driver Robert Kubica. "What the hell is he doing there ?!", the Red Bull driver complained about the drilled maneuver with a penalty of five seconds from the Polo. Vettel was in circulation only 25 new raised tires, Ferrari decided here for the average mix. Hesse tried to get to Verstappen and Hamilton. Meanwhile, the Englishman complained about the radio for an alleged wrong tire selection, engine problems and irregularity in the electronics. With the tension it was over for the moment.

"The tires are in the ass," Hamilton rebuked and at the second gear he received medium tires. Red Bull didn't want to take risks and swapped the tires again with Verstappen in the round after the British. Vettel now stopped less with just under seven seconds ahead. His rhythm broke. 21 laps before the end also Vettel had to return for the second time. L & # 39; Heppenheimer returned to fourth place, missing about 20 seconds at Verstappen.

Vettel rages

After an engine failure by Hamilton's teammate Valtteri Bottas, the Safety Car was used on lap 54. The field contracted, the tension increased. While Verstappen entered the garage for the third time and got fresh tires for the finals, Hamilton stayed out and took first place. After five rounds, the race was released again – and Verstappen passed Hamilton immediately. Vettel lost the duel against the second Red Bull man Albon and fell back. There are five rounds to the drama! In a tough fight, Vettel and Leclerc crashed together. When Monegassen tore the front right wheel, the German cut a rear tire. Vettel scolded, Leclerc raged. For both the race was over. After this race Vettel's statement sounds in the previous days – "The place here has a weakness for the drama" – almost cynical.