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New losses to Bitcoin and Altcoins are likely

Last week, the price of bitcoin went bearish, trading below support levels of $ 8,650 and $ 8,550. The BTC / USD is trading at a new monthly low and is currently consolidating (above 09:00 UTC) losses greater than $ 8,400. Technical training is down, which indicates further losses to $ 8,250 or $ 8,000.

Likewise, most large old coins have remained in a downtrend and could not be recovered, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, EOS, BNB, TRX, ADA and XLM. ETH / USD fell below the USD 185 level but was able to stay above USD 178 support. In addition, the XRP / USD is under strong pressure and has recently stabilized below support levels of $ 0.265 and $ 0.262.

Total market capitalization

New losses on Bitcoin and Altcoins are likely 101

Bitcoin price

Most of the time, the price of bitcoin has dropped below the $ 8,650 level. The BTC / USD was even below $ 8,550 and was trading near the $ 8,400 level. The price currently consolidates losses above the $ 8,400 level and it seems that there are opportunities for further losses.
Immediate support is close to the $ 8,250 level. However, the main weekly support is close to the $ 8,000 level below which Bitcoin could fall sharply. In addition, many obstacles are around USD 8,650. The most important weekly resistance is close to the value of 8,850 USD.

Ethereum Award

The price of Ethereum could not stay above the support of 185 USD. ETH / USD broke the $ 182 level and found support close to the $ 178 level. The price is currently being consolidated to $ 180, with resistance close to $ 188 and $ 190.
In addition, the main weekly support is $ 180 and $ 178. If the price were to drop considerably below $ 178, the price could continue to fall to the $ 160 level.

Bitcoin Cash, EOS and XRP prices

Bitcoin Cash Price could not stay above the $ 280 support bracket and even surpassed the $ 265 support. BCH / USD tested the level of USD 260 and it seems that there could be more disadvantages at the USD 250 level. On the other hand, the value of $ 280 now represents a significant resistance to a new rise.
EOS is billed below the support level of $ 3,400 and has even struggled to maintain support for $ 3,350. The price is now consolidating at over $ 3,350, with many obstacles at $ 3,450 and $ 3,500. A significant jump of more than $ 3,500 could raise the price to $ 3,700. On the other hand, the price can cost $ 3,200.
The price of XRP is under strong pressure below support levels of $ 0.265 and $ 0.262. The XRP / USD is on the verge of sales and it appears that the price could even reach $ 0.250. The next major support is close to $ 0.245.

Other markets Altcoins today

During the last three sessions, some small old coins have gained more than 5% in capitalization, including DX, EKT, KMD, ICX and NEXO. Of these, the DX has increased by more than 20% and the ECT by almost 10%.

Overall, the price of bitcoins is expected to remain around $ 8,250 or $ 8,000. Conversely, the BTC / USD must exceed USD 8,650 and USD 8,850 to start a new increase. In addition, $ 8,000 is the key to the next big step.

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New losses on Bitcoin and Altcoins are probably expected 102

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