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Original Views: Kanye West feels sent by God

In a huge church in Texas, Kanye West presents excerpts from his new album "Jesus is King". In a conversation with the pastor of the church, he then talks about his motives and his encounter with the devil.

Kanye West played in the large Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. There, the rapper with his choir in the fully occupied church stopped in front of about 16,000 people and performed some songs from his new album "Jesus is King". His wife Kim Kardashian and their daughter North West also took part in the action on Sunday.

Addressing the famous pastor Joel Osteen, West also explained his motives for performing at the church: "I know God has been asking me for a long time, but the devil has prevented me from doing it since a long time." When he was on the ground, God was there for him, giving him visions and inspiring. His "arrogance" and his "arrogance" he wanted to bring in a different way.

Modest is different

"The greatest artist ever created by God is now working for him too," said West, seemingly free of irony. He only wanted to serve God. To his critics, he also launched martial words: "No weapon raised against me will succeed."

Only two days earlier, West had surprisingly appeared in an American prison. A video of the show shows more than 200 detainees in orange overalls facing the singer and his choir, all dressed in blue. After the concert, there was another West concert for women in another part of the prison building.