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(SNO). FC Turabdin / Babylon is close to first place in the Football Association league mid-term, despite the current nine-point deduction. After a sovereign 5-1 (3-1) victory against midfielder VfB Marburg on Sunday, the Pohlheimer are six points behind the relegation rankings – one less. Three counters could also be credited to the club if a seminar on violence organized by the Hessen Football Federation was visited before 15 February 2020.

"The boys really like football," said coach Sherwin Rahmani. "We watch from match to match and do not worry about other things." The victory against Marburg was highly deserved, "we were the best team, we had more chances to play and play".

Before about 150 spectators put the CF in shape: After two minutes, Kevin Buycks ​​met Kevin Buycks ​​after a center coming from outside and an extension of Helmut Schäfer at 1: 0 The attack lasted until the 19th minute, before Andreas Schäfer of Marburg equalized. A half-court free kick by Marius Klotz, who passed in front of all the players and finally landed in the guest, brought back the Pohlheimer (37.). Goalkeeper Ahmet Marankoz increased to 3-1 before the break. Marankoz lobbed a chipball on the shepherd chain on the goalkeeper and headed to 3-1.

Sven Kusebauch used an outside center in the 64th minute at 4: 1, Marankoz increased in the 85th minute after a 5: 1 corner – the eleventh win of the 17th season was perfect. Before the winter break, there will be two more appearances as guests for midfielder SC Waldgirmes II and FV Biebrich.

FC Turabdin / Babylon: strain; Chabou, Kusebauch, Nohman (76th Schadeberg), Klotz, Buycks, Szymanski, Spottka (71st Rennert), Helmut Schäfer (77th Bulut), Sidon, Marankoz.

VfB Marburg: Purbs; Limbacher, Schnitzer, Wiegel, Andreas Schäfer (88th Arsenio Sabino), Saeed, Wellner, Simeon Schmidt, Alber (67th Hidic), Fabian Schmidt, Besel.

In brief: Referee: Prölss (Ober-Ramstadt). – Spectators: 100. – Goal: 1: 0 (2nd) Buycks, 1: 1 (19th) Andreas Schäfer, 2: 1 (37th) Klotz, 3: 1 (45. + 1) Marankoz, 4: 1 (64. ) Kusebauch, 5: 1 (85.) Marankoz.