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Prince Andrew denies any allegation of abuse

In the scandal of violence surrounding the American multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew denied a woman's allegations of having sex with her at the age of 17.

British Prince Andrew categorically rejected the allegations of a woman who reportedly abused in the context of the Epstein case. "I have no memory of ever meeting this lady," said Andrew at the BBC on Saturday, starring Virginia Giuffre, who, in his own words, has been bullied for years by the billionaire American Jeffrey Epstein and had sex with his wealthy friends – including Prince Andrew – was forced.

It was the first time that the 59-year-old prince was talking in an interview about his relationship with Epstein, who had committed suicide in his prison cell in August. The American multimillionaire has reportedly sexually abused girls and young women minors for years and has reportedly incited prostitution. He had good contacts with many politicians and celebrities.

Prince Andrew rejects the charges

Giuffre, who called Roberts, claims to have been forced to have sex with the British prince three times. She said she was only 17 when she first came to London in 2001. She has cited two more times in New York and on the private island of Epstein in the Caribbean.

Prince Andrew has repeatedly denounced Giuffee's allegations in the past. In an unusual interview on Saturday at the BBC, Andrew stressed: "I have often repeated, and often, that we have never had sexual contact." He could say "absolutely categorically that it never happened". He could not remember ever having met the woman.

After a hearing in the United States in August, Giuffre told the press that Prince Andrew "knew exactly what he was doing and hoped that he will clarify things".

Prince Andrew: "The photo of a photo of a photo"

On a widespread photo, the prince probably sees how he puts his arm around Giuffre, then aged 17, in the background shows the image of the ex-girlfriend of 39, Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell. The supporters of the prince doubt the authenticity of the photo.

Andrew said in the BBC interview that it was "the photo of a photo of a photo". He does not believe that "the picture was taken implicitly". He had never been to the upper floor of Maxwell 's London apartment from where the photo had been taken. Nobody can prove that the image has been manipulated, but he does not remember that it has already been taken.

Andrew is the second eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and is eighth on the throne. More recently, he has been heavily criticized for his links with Epstein.

In the BBC interview, he lamented that he remained his friend even after Epstein's conviction in 2008. "I have looked at this so often," Andrew said. "With all the further clarifications you can get, it was definitely wrong." After confessing that a minor had been a prostitute in 2008, Epstein spent 13 months in prison.

On the impact on his family, Andrew said the topic was "like a constant pain in the family". He believes that even though he suffered damage, but not the queen. He had felt compelled to finally go public because it had been his occupation for years.

Sarah Ferguson, Andrew's ex-wife, who has two children with him, expressed optimism about the SMS messaging service. Andrew is a "true gentleman," the message says. He was "stoically firm in his duty and kindness". (AFP)