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Raser accident in Monaco shot by Dashcam – the driver was drunk?

Raser's deadly accident in Monaco was shot with a so-called Dashcam from another car. These are video cameras installed in cars that record the view from the windshield while driving. "This Dashcam record is a very significant test for us," said prosecutor Anne Leiding. The 34-year-old driver was also smelled of alcohol, police said.

Two teenagers died to death

The driver of the Bad Tölz-Wolfratshauses district was Friday shortly before midnight fleeing a police check with a maximum of 100 km / h crossed the city – on the opposite lane. He ignored the noisy police with several red lights and captured two 14 and 16 year old teenagers. They were crossing the street with other young people, according to the results. The 14-year-old died shortly afterwards in the hospital, the 16-year-old was seriously injured.

The murder leader Josef Wimmer said the record showed that the 36-year-old pilot rushed at high speed, the car grabbing a boy and being thrown into the air. Later you can see in the video how the moving patrol immediately stops to start a resuscitation. The owner of the Dashcam drove alongside him. Leiding said that recording with a dashcam was a crime, but the shots should still be used in a trial.

Briefly admitted in psychiatry

Officials also found a small amount of drugs in the razor's car, investigators said. Values ​​or results of further toxicological investigations are still pending. As for his injuries, the authorities did not provide information. The man is in custody on suspicion of murder. He had been in psychiatry for a short time, for his own protection, said Leiding. However, initially it was not clear whether he was currently in hospital or in a prison.