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"The Palatinate from the High": the "crime scene" of Ludwigshafen in rapid control

"The problem with illegality is that it no longer protects a law" – an intuition that comes too late for the corrupt village policeman Stefan Tries. But until it kills him, there is coal, coke and physical contact with Lena Odenthal. A "crime scene" for the anniversary that lets it break.

The scenery

At the Zarten police station, things go their way. In the evening you can watch the FCK game together. The boss, Stefan Tries (Ben Becker), an extroverted boy with Schnurre and Wampe, puts a six pack beer on the table, the mood increases. Everything is prepared for a football evening, it could be so beautiful – if not for the ambitious Benny Hilpert (Max Schimmelpfennig). Pull out of patrol, he wants to see to the right. Attempts finally softens and accompanies him into Peter's car. Shortly thereafter, Hilpert died, shot to death in vehicle control.

Already in 1991 Lena Odenthal worked together with Stefan Tries in Zarten.

(Photo: SWR / Johannes Hollmann)

This in turn calls the city colleagues on the plan. Lena Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts) and her team left for Zarten, set up a temporary headquarters in the bowling alley of a restaurant and started the investigation. Not only are they extremely bulky in a police murder, the more difficult it is through Lena Odenthal's private intrigues with the head of the Zartener district. The two know each other from a previous case – and the feelings they felt about each other seemed not to have completely cooled off 28 years later.

The real message

The thing of the message is practically the only thing that can be blamed for this "crime scene". As atmospheric and risky as it is traced here, so shallow are some of the lines of the script.

Try: "Live and let live".

Odenthal: "There are laws".

Try: "Here we are with the law".

This is discussed during the lunch break

A commissioner who jokes! Has he ever existed before in the "crime scene", now honored? Commissioners on pills, Schimmi on liqueur, Boerne on Chateau Lafitte, all right. But Lena Odenthal, who in the music of Bob Dylan, a glass of wine and the deep aspect of his colleague once approved a line of Colombian marching powder, is something special. We'll talk about it.

The plausibility factor

Flirting with the past, the weak moment in terms of drugs on the side of the history of Odenthal, on the other hand, the sweet temptations for the corrupt police outside the big city, all quite plausible.

The evaluation

9 points out of 10. To celebrate the day go to Lena Odenthal everything – alcohol, drugs and a night of one night with the past. Congratulations! Also for the 30th anniversary of service, of course.