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Turkey's obsession with the "30-kilometer zone"

The Turkish state's invasion policy, aimed at expelling the Kurdish and Christian population from an area of ​​30 kilometers north of Syria, was tested by the Assyrians 100 years ago, when they were deported to the Syrian desert by the Ottoman regime.

From Colemêrg to Til Temir

Bünyamin Iso Yuhannas' family had been deported from Geliyê Tiyarê (Kazan Valley) in Çelê County (Çukurca, Colemêrg / Hakkari County) to southern Kurdistan, before being deported to Serêkaniyê (Ras). Ain), from where she finally moved to Til Temir.

Yuhannas explains that today the Kurds suffer the same fate as the Suryoye. The hatred that led to the genocide of the Turkish state against the peoples of the region has never stopped. "We are from Coleman, the Ottoman Empire forced us by decree to emigrate to Iraq, some of us also came to Serêkaniyê," he said.

After settling in Serêkaniyê, life was not easy for Assyrians, as the Turkish state put pressure on France's mandate to drive Assyrians out of the border region. "The Turkish state did not want to accept the fact that we lived on the border," Yuhanna said. "France said we could not stay in Serêkaniyê and settled on the Habur of Til Temir in Hesekê, 30 kilometers from the border."

Yuhanna herself comes from the village of Til Hirmiz on Habur. He witnessed the attacks of the ISIS jihadist against the Assyrian villages of Habur on February 23, 2015 and witnessed the cooperation between "Islamic State" and the Turkish state. : "When ISIS attacked in the night, it has The Turkish State opened the dam." It was to drive people out of their homes and prevent the defense of the area. "Yuhanna said survived only because he was hiding in a tree: "In the evening, I crawled to reach the YPG forces, who had arrived in the area. They said that they would send me to Heseke. But I said no and I stayed three years in the YPG. I lived with them. Then our village was released. "

"My place is here "

After the attacks and the massacres of the IS, the population of Suryoye has for the most part fled the region. Family members also asked Yuhanna to leave the area. At the invitation, he said, "I can not go anywhere, it's my place, I'm not gone." He explains that Turkey wants to destroy the Kurds as well as the Assyrians, the Armenians and the Chaldeans. "Look what they do with Serêkaniyê They destroy all the houses They steal and plunder the goods of the people The Turkish state is bad The world should say stop, stop But no one rings. Nobody said anything when they slaughtered us. "