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The world's largest asset manager, BlackRock invests in crypto

BlackRock now owns more than 11% of the Dash Masternode Company, Neptune Dash. As Dash states in a blog post, this investment will bring to 21% Neptune Dash investment in investment companies. Dash sees an influx of institutional investors into the cryptography market. Rightly: After all, BlackRock's $ 6.8 trillion in assets under management is the largest independent asset manager in the world.

With a 11.47% stake in Neptune Dash, BlackRock holds the majority. Fidelity follows with just under 10%. Fidelity is one of the largest asset managers in the world – the global company had already invested in 2018 in Neptune Dash. According to BlackRock's latest investment, BlackRock criticized the investments in Bitcoin & Co. in February 2018.

Neptune Dash & BlackRock in the cryptography industry

Neptune Dash occupies a special place in the cosmos Dash. This is how Neptune-Dash-Technologies shares (WKN: A2JCAL) trades on the stock exchange. The value of Neptune Dash is based on the monthly rewards of the Masternode network. After all, this is a kind of service provider – companies that do not want to participate directly in crypto-cosmos via masternode hosting can still participate via Neptune Dash. Jan Heinrich Meyer, CEO and Founder of Dash Embassy D-A-CH, wonders about the fact that BlackRock does not invest directly in Masternodes:

Investment circles have told us time and time again that Dash Masternodes should present one of the best risk-return profiles in the world of cryptography. It was expected that leading institutions such as BlackRock would invest in this area, but this is of course no less impressive. Why does Blackrock invest in a shared masternode service and not just manage the mystery itself? This may have regulatory reasons.

Neptune Dash claims to have several cryptocurrencies alongside Atom, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Neo, Omisego and Qtum from Dash. In addition, Neptune Dash operates a validation node on the Cosmos network – in other words, the cryptography company plays a key role in the blockchain ecosystem.

BlackRock, as the dominant player in the global market for exchange-traded funds, could still play a significant role in the cryptography industry. BlackRock's subsidiary, iShares, accounts for almost half of the market share.

The approval of a Bitcoin ETF finally counts as a promise of salvation for investors in crypto. An entry, so that the story, could miss the Bitcoin market an adequate food. Although Mark Wiedmann, Global Head of iShares, strongly rejected the launch of a Bitcoin ETF in October 2017. However, the attitude of the asset manager towards cryptocurrency seems change now.