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30 years after the disaster: the Hillsborough police acquitted

In the process of the devastating tragedy of the stadium, which claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool fans, a verdict emerged: Einsatzleiter David Duckenfield was acquitted.

The Hillsborough disaster operations manager in 1989 was acquitted after a six-week trial. A tribunal in Preston, in the north of England, said the 75-year-old policeman David Duckenfield, not guilty. Duckenfield had been accused of "gross negligent murder". The prosecution had blamed him for 95 of the 96 deaths during the England Cup semi-final in Sheffield.

Especially relatives of the deceased Liverpool fans have struggled for years to see the culprits in their vision in court. As a result, the disappointment fell after the verdict, the reactions. "96 people died, I would like to know who is responsible for my father's death, why he must be someone," said Christine Burke, daughter of Henry Burke, who died in Sheffield.

Before the semifinals of April 15, 1989 between Liverpool and the Nottingham Forest had been a crush and a mass panic. The followers of the Reds were crushed to death in the block of guests. The police had opened a goal eight minutes before the kick-off, because even before the stadium the waiting spectators were pressed against a fence. Too many fans have flocked to the already overcrowded Liverpool stand.

Experts say: 41 victims could have been saved

The last victim died more than a year after the disaster and could not be legally bound to the case.

After the disaster, Liverpool supporters were initially held responsible, who had a miserable reputation four years after the Heysel disaster. For decades, relatives fought for justice. Successfully: in September 2012, experts found that 41 of the 96 dead could have been saved. The then Prime Minister David Cameron apologized "on behalf of the whole country".

Since then, the courts have dealt with the role of the police. Attention focused on Einsatzleiter Duckenfield. He will not be worried after the verdict of the Preston Crown Court.