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After the diagnosis of colon cancer: the father drinks the last beer with his children before his death

Appleton, Norbert Schemm, 87, of Wisconsin, knew he would not survive long when he was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer. On his deathbed in the hospital, he called his children and grandchildren together to have a last beer with them. A photo shows the moving moment. Norbert Schemm lies in bed with a bottle of beer and smiles. His wife holds his hand, his children and grandchild have glasses of beer and plastic in their hands. You seem happy. A few hours after Norbert Schemm's death.

His nephew Adam told the BBC that his grandfather had been healthy all his life until his cancer. Last Tuesday, he had guessed that it would be over for him. "We all came, we sat around his bed and drank beer, then we brought out the stories of the old family and laughed a lot, he was so happy."

His sons had to promise him to take care of his wife and mother, with whom Norbert Schemm had been married for 65 years. So Schemm fell asleep and didn't wake up anymore.

On Twitter, his nephew received an overwhelming sympathy

After much discussion, Adam Schemm decided to share the last photo with his grandfather on Twitter. So far 33,000 times have been shared. The sympathy of foreign Twitter users is enormous. Some shared similar photos of the last day of a close relative. "My grandmother wanted to do the same … but with Bailey's shots" one tells and published the corresponding photo.

Another reports that his grandfather wanted to tell a last joke, but shortly before the end he had a coughing fit and died. They don't know the final line yet. Another person tells the last wish of his brother-in-law. "He wanted to play a final round of golf again, he was 35 degrees and he had incredible pain but he still had 15 holes, he was a real fighter."

source: BBC