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After the whirlwind around Harry + Meghan: the queen designates her new travel boss

Queen Elizabeth, 93, is looking for a new director of Royal Travel with an ad on the Royale Budget website. The purpose of the person sought will be "to ensure that the Royal House organizes and provides safe, effective, affordable and adequate travel services for the official functions of members of the Royal Family and their household". According to the job offer, the position is "crucial".

Queen Elizabeth wants to travel "cheaply"

As "Director of Royal Travel", the future employee of the Palace will be responsible for organizing the Royals' air travel and overseeing the operation of the Queen's Helicopter and the used Royal Train. for trips to England and Scotland. In doing so, the incumbent "will also contact the relevant authorities to provide advice and travel recommendations that take into account safety, security and environmental aspects".

With this list, the palace is looking for a new "Director of Travel". Applications will be accepted until December 20, 2019.

According to the "Daily Mirror", for a working week of 37.5 hours, an annual salary of 85,000 pounds sterling (nearly 100,000 euros) is paid. During the last billing cycle, from March 2018 to March 2018, the Royal Budget spent 4.6 million pounds sterling (about 5.4 million euros) on travel, according to the official financial report.

Prince Harry

He says that for private jet criticism

Prince Harry comments on Amsterdam's private jet allegations.

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Vortex around Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

In mid-August of this year, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in England had made headlines. The couple had used a private jet four times for private trips to Ibiza and Nice in just eleven days. Background: The Sussex support their role in protecting the environment and climate of the royal family. At the end of July, Prinz even announced that he wanted to limit the number of children accompanied by Meghan to two for environmental reasons. For many Britons, it is not appropriate to think that the couple traveled in a private plane that generates much more CO2 pollution per person than a machine operated by a public airline.

It is unclear whether the departure of the former "director of travel" has anything to do with criticisms directed at Harry and Meghan.

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