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Alexander Gauland no longer runs as party leader

The AfD is facing a change in the leadership of the party. Reportedly, Alexander Gauland will give up his office. His designated successor apparently has the blessing of Höcke's wing.

According to media reports, AfD leader Alexander Gauland will not be in office again this weekend at the party congress. This was decided at a party leadership crisis meeting on Tuesday, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" and the "Good king News" reported. In place of the Gauls, therefore, the Afghan Saxon politician Tino Chrupalla should occur. Chrupalla confirmed his candidacy on Wednesday "mirror".

Gauland had not decided in advance if he wanted to run again or not. It made him dependent on the concrete circumstances of the party congress. According to the "FAZ" report, participants in Tuesday's crisis meeting agreed that Chrupalla was likely to be elected. As a result, the flow of the right wing "The Wing" around Björn Höcke wants to vote for him by a large majority.

Even the national spokesman of the afd parliamentary group, Gottfried Curio, had announced his candidacy for the party presidency. Rhineland-Palatinate MP Nicole Höchst is also considering an application. Gaulands co-president Jörg Meuthen wants to keep his office at the same time.

The president of the AfD Young Alternative youth association, Damian Lohr, spoke on Wednesday for Chrupalla. This was "a respectful, easy-going, honest, excellent candidate," he told the ARD capital firm. With Meuthen, "if you have an academic from West Germany at the top, it would be a good thing to say: we as an AfD also bring the East with us".