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Alice von Battenberg: 5 Facts About Prince Philip's Mother

What is the connection between Alice von Battenberg and the British royal family?

Princess Alice von Battenberg was the mother of Prince Philip. She was born on February 25, 1885 in Windsor Castle as a daughter of Ludwig von Battenberg and his wife Viktoria of Hesse-Darmstadt. His great-grandmother was Queen Victoria, who was present at his birth. This also explains why Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are third cousins.

Was Alice von Battenberg deaf?

Very early, her mother understood that Alice was developing more slowly than her siblings. The princess learned to speak very slowly. An ear specialist finally diagnosed congenital deafness. Victoria from Hesse-Darmstadt finally made sure that her daughter learned to read on the lips. After all, the girl learned English and German, then Greek and French. She spent her childhood in Darmstadt, London, Jugenheim and Malta.

Who was Alice von Battenberg married to?

At the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902, she met Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark. He was the fourth son of George I of Greece and his wife Olga Konstantinovna Romanova. A year later, in Darmstadt, he was married to various rites. At the wedding, there was a funny incident: Alice von Battenberg confused the words yes and no. When asked if she wanted to marry Prince Andrew, she answered no to the question of whether she had already obtained a yes.

Together they have five children: Margarita, Theodora, Cecilia, Sophie and baby Nest Philip. Queen Elizabeth's husband is the only one left alive. The wedding was very unfortunate. The couple is alienated quickly.